How to Change Email Address in Skype

If you have recently changed your email address (which was also linked to a variety of messengers), that’s not a problem. For instance, you can easily link your Skype account to your new email address, so you will not be worried about a possibility of losing control over your Skype account. This guide will demonstrate … Read more

How to Enable Data Saver in Skype

If you have got to use your Skype app from your smartphone a way too often, you can consider enabling the feature of data saver on it. Simply put, this feature allows you to spend less mobile data when you use Skype on your smartphone. That can be especially useful if you are somewhere abroad … Read more

How to Recover Skype Password

If you have lost control over your Skype account, that’s not a problem. You can easily recover Skype password and regain control over your account in Skype. In order to get to know how to recover Skype password, you should follow the guidelines, published on this page. This article will show you how to recover … Read more

How to Change Name in Skype

During the very moment when you sign up for Skype, you are asked to provide your first and last name. The first and last name you have specified later get displayed to all your contacts and users. Therefore, you may sometimes have a need to change that name in Skype, so a different name will … Read more

How to Make Calls in Skype

Skype is well-known as the app that started the era of audio and video calls through the internet. It is obvious that this messenger remains used so widely exactly thanks to its feature (even though it has got a tough competition from WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, and Telegram). So, if you are new to Skype, you … Read more