How to Configure Preferences on Snapchat

This step-by-step guide will demonstrate how to configure preferences on Snapchat. This section of the settings contains a large number of useful features and configurations you should be aware about, thus it would be useful for you not to neglect them and have a look at those settings.


How to Configure Preferences on Snapchat

Configuring preferences on Snapchat allows you to adjust a large number of settings, and you can start the process by launching this app

  • Before you will start configuring the settings of preferences, you need to click on Snapchat’s icon and launch the app.

how to configure snapchat preferences

The next step of yours must be giving a click on this icon

  • After accessing the camera page of Snapchat, the next step of yours must be clicking on the Snapchat icon, placed in the left-upper corner.

how to change preferences on snapchat

You can get to configure preferences on Snapchat after you access the page of settings

  • Once you have got to see your profile page on Snapchat, you should click on the button that is located in the right-upper corner.

how to change snapchat preferences

You have to scroll down in order to find the section of preferences on Snapchat

  • Following it, you will access the page of the settings of your Snapchat account – that is exactly the place where you can configure your settings of preferences. Scroll down until you will find the “Additional Services” section.

how to alter snapchat preferences

Here you can configure preferences on Snapchat, and that is not something that is difficult to do

  • Once you have got to see “Manage Preferences” under the “Additional Services” section, click on it.

how to alter preferences on snapchat

If you enable this button, the data usage on Snapchat will be significantly reduced

  • Now, you are viewing the page of the preference settings. So, these are the settings of the preferences: travel mode, friend emojis, permissions, advert preferences, and maps. Let’s begin with the first.

how to adjust preferences on snapchat

When it comes to such a thing as to configure preferences on Snapchat, you can even configure emojis with special meanings

  • You can click on the button next to the travel mode in order to save data.

how to adjust snapchat preferences

Here you can just observe the permissions Snapchat is granted by you, but can’t change them

  • Then, go to the section of “friend emojis.” Here, you can assign a variety of emojis to serve a particular purpose.

how to arrange snapchat preferences

You can disable activity-based and audience-based advertising, though

  • Then, you can access the section of permissions, yet you can just observe what permission Snapchat has obtained – you cannot edit this section.

how to arrange preferences on snapchat

Click on this button and disable those ads

  • Access the page of the advert preferences. Here, you can disable contextual ads, if you need/want to do so. Just tap on the button beside the settings. Then, click on the “Disable” button in the pop-up window.

what to do with snapchat preferences

As you can see, one type of contextual ads has been disabled

  • After all, you can go to the “Maps” section.

what to do with preferences on snapchat

You can stop sharing your data and location – simply click here

  • There, you can disable sharing of data usage – you should tap on the button nearby.

snapchat basics

This way, it may be much safer and a way private for you

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