How to Create Snapcodes

Snapcodes are actually something similar to QR codes: you can scan them and get a link to a website. This way, you can create your own Snapcodes with ease, and this step-by-step guide will demonstrate you how to create Snapcodes within a minute. All you have to do is just to have a link that you want to turn into a Snapcode and follow the guidelines provided on this page. Enjoy!


How to Create Snapcodes

Before you will start creating Snapcodes, you need to click on this icon and run the application

  • Start the entire process by finding the Snapchat icon on your mobile phone and tapping on it.

how to create snapchat snapcodes

In order to move further, you need to tap on this button

  • After you have done it and got to see the camera page of Snapchat, you should click on the button, located in the left-upper corner (in a form of the messenger’s icon).

how to create snapcodes on snapchat

Access the page of settings in order to create Snapcodes

  • Once you have got to see your profile page on Snapchat, you will have to click on the button of Settings, placed in the right-upper corner.

what are snapcodes

Once you access this page of your account’s settings, you will be able to create Snapcodes right there

  • Following that action, you will get to see the page of your account’s settings. There, you need to click on the “Snapcodes” section.

how to use snapcodes on snapchat

If you wish to create Snapcodes, you need to give a click to this option

  • So, this page is the one where you can create a Snapcode, check the existing Snapcodes of yours, or even check a history of the Snapcodes you have scanned before. So, you should click on the “Create Snapcode” section.

how to use snapchat snapcodes

After typing the website in the first field, you should give a click to this button in order to create a Snapcode

  • You will be able to create a Snapcode right on the following page. In the given field, you need to type an URL of the website you want to link to. Once you have done that, you should click on the “Create” button.

how to utilize snapcodes on snapchat

You can also add an image to your Snapcode, and you need to click on the Snapcode for that

  • Immediately, you will get to see the page of your newly created Snapchat. On that page, you will be able to check the stats (i.e. how many have people scanned it), save to your camera roll, edit a picture, and send to your email address.

how to utilize snapchat snapcodes

In order to select an image for a Snapcode, you need just to click on one of the images from the website or camera roll

  • Click on the Snapcode in order to add a picture.

what to do with snapcodes

Here, you can view the stats of how many users have scanned your Snapcode

  • On the following page, you will get to see the pictures from your camera roll and from the website – you can apply any of it to the Snapcode.
  • Then, get back and tap on “Email snapcode package.”

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You can also send a Snapcode you have just generated to your email address

  • After it, you will receive a Snapcode onto your email address.

Also, you can learn how to change the email address on Snapchat on this page.