How to Manage Privacy on Snapchat

Privacy is an important matter on any online platform, and there is no reason to neglect it on Snapchat either. There are not so many settings you can customize, yet it is worth to check them and adjust the way you want. Our in-depth article will guide you through this process and will show you how to manage privacy on Snapchat. Configuring privacy settings on Snapchat is not that difficult, and you will be able to do it within a few minutes.


How to Manage Privacy on Snapchat

The first step you should make is clicking on this icon and running the application

  • In the first place, you should find the icon of Snapchat on your smartphone. After you have done it, tap on that icon in order to run the messenger’s application.

how to manage snapchat privacy

You need to give a click here in order access your Snapchat account’s page

  • You will get to see the Snapchat camera page. There, you need to click on the Snapchat button that was placed in the left-upper corner.

how to manage privacy settings on snapchat

You are able to manage privacy on Snapchat on the page of settings, and it can be accessed by tapping here

  • That will lead you to your profile page on Snapchat. Now, you need to access the page of the settings of your Snapchat account. That can be done by tapping on the “Settings” button, located in the right-upper corner.

how to manage snapchat privacy settings

This way looks the page of your account’s settings on Snapchat

  • Once you have got to see the page of your account’s settings, you need to scroll down until you will get to see the “WHO CAN” section. That’s the place where you can configure your privacy settings and it consists of 4 settings: Contact Me, View My Story, See My Location, See Me in Quick Add. Click on the first setting.

how to adjust privacy settings on snapchat

The “WHO CAN…” section is the place where you can manage privacy on Snapchat

  • There, you can specify that everyone (instead of “my friends”) can contact you.

how to adjust snapchat privacy settings

For instance, you can configure who send you snaps

  • Then, go to the “Who Can View My Story” setting. There, you can specify the following settings: everyone (by default), my friends, or make a customized setting.

how to configure privacy settings on snapchat

You may restrict unknown people from viewing your stories as well

  • Then, you should customize the location settings. If you have your GPS disabled, the settings won’t work and you will be in the Ghost Mode (i.e. no one can locate you). But once you have enabled the Snap Map, you can disable the Ghost Mode and share your location to your friend or anyone.

how to configure snapchat privacy settings

You can also disable a ghost mode and share your location with the friends on Snapchat

  • After all, go to “Who Can See Me in Quick Add.” Here, you can disable this setting, and so everyone who has your phone number will not get your contact displayed in the quick adds on Snapchat.

what to do with privacy on snapchat

Yet, you have to launch the Snapmap first

how to ensure privacy on snapchat

You can disable this setting, so your account will not be displayed in the Quick Add section of people who have your mobile phone number added

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