How to Use Snapchat Masks

Snapchat is one of those messengers that is associated with the word “entertainment” a lot, whereas it significantly differs from its rivals WhatsApp and Telegram. One of the very interesting features that is frequently used by the users of this messenger is the feature of Snapchat masks, which allows you to shoot quite extraordinary photos. But this step-by-step guide will not just show you how to use Snapchat masks, but will also explore a couple of animated and voiced creatures that you can add to your photos. Just follow the article’s guidelines and take advantage of this feature as well!


how to use snapchat masks

After you will launch this app, you will immediately be able to Snapchat masks

  • Start the entire process by finding the icon of Snapchat on your smartphone. Once you have done it, tap on it.

how to utilize snapchat masks

In order to call a window and be able to use Snapchat masks, you should give a click to the right side of the photo button

  • After launching the app, you will get to see the camera page of this application. That’s exactly the page where you can get to use Snapchat masks. So, in order to call a window with Snapchat masks, you need to click to the right side of the shooting button (have a look at the second image).

how to take advantage of snapchat masks

This way look Snapchat masks, and you can apply any of them

  • Once have done that, you will notice that a section with various masks has appeared. You can scroll those masks to the right and test them on your or your friends. The majority of the masks will have no effect unless a person appears in the camera.

what are snapchat masks

This is a mask by Snapchat, and it will immediately be applied to someone once a person appears in the camera

  • You will also find two animated 3D creatures (one is placed at the very beginning and one is placed in the middle) you can play with. Actually, you can add them to your photos, but keep in mind that they remain standing on the place where you added them.

how to utilize masks on snapchat

This window also features such funny creatures that feature their own music and animation

  • In the right-upper part of the app, there will be a set of tools you can use for editing photos. So, once you have taken a photo, utilize those tools in order to make the photo look more appealing.

how to use masks on snapchat

Once you have taken a photo with an applied mask or such a creature, you can give a click to this button

  • After you have configured your photo the way you wanted, you can click on the “Send To” button.

how to take advantage of masks on snapchat

You can select a story to add this post to and, after that, you will need to click on this button

  • Then, you are able to add this snap to one of your stories or send it directly to a user or a group of users.

what are the masks on snapchat

Click on this button in order to add this post with the applied masks to the story