How to Manage Users on Snapchat

When it comes to unique features of the Snapchat messenger, it offers its users quite bountiful opportunities to manage users on Snapchat. You need to be aware of how to do it, and this article will guide you through this process step by step. You have just to stick to the guidelines and follow the recommendations.


How to Manage Users on Snapchat

The first step you should do in either case is to run this application

  • The first thing you should do is to find the icon of the Snapchat application and tap on it. Then, you can proceed further and manage users on Snapchat.

how to manage snapchat users

One or another, yet you have to click on this button in order to access the page of your account

  • After you have launched the app, you will see the camera roll on Snapchat. In the left-upper corner, there will be a Snap icon, and you need to tap on it.

how to control users on snapchat

In order to manage your friends, click on this button and access the contact book on Snapchat

  • Once you have accessed your profile page on Snapchat, you need to click on “My Friends.”

how to control snapchat users

This is what can you do with your friends

  • Right after that, you will get to see a list of your friends on Snapchat. In order to manage a user, just tap on his or her name.

how to send photos to users on snapchat

You can send him or her a fast snap if you click on the “Snap” option

  • Then, you will get to see 4 options: Snap, Chat, Share Username, and Settings.

how to send photos to snapchat users

You can also start chatting with that person

  • You can click on the “Snap” button, and a camera roll will be opened. Then, you can shoot a photo and send that “snap” to the user.

how to chat with users on snapchat

After all, you can share his or her username among your friends via URLs or Snapcodes

  • If you click on the “Chat” option, you will access the private chat with that user right away.

how to chat with snapchat users

You can also create team chats with friends on Snapchat

  • You can also share the username of that user to other friends of yours by clicking on “Share Username.” Then, you can select whom you want to send his/her username.

how to delete users on snapchat

These are the options of the settings of users on Snapchat, and can enable the “Do Not Disburb” feature

  • After all, you can tap on “Settings.” That will open a huge popup menu, which includes the following options: Edit Name, Do Not Disturb, Clear Conversation, Remove Friend, or Block.

how to delete snapchat users

You can also edit the name of the user that is displayed to you

  • If you tap on the “Edit Name” button, you will edit the name of this user that is displayed to you.
  • You can tap on “Do Not Disturb” in order to stop receiving notifications from this user.

how to rename users on snapchat

After all, you can remove him or her as a friend of yours or block him/her at all

  • Tapping on the “Clear Conversation” option will delete the entire chat of yours.

how to rename snapchat users

If you want to remove a person from your friend list, you need to click on the “Yes” button

  • After all, you can remove from the friend list or block that user by tapping on one of the last options. In order to finalize it, you will have to click on the “Yes” button in the new popup window. This way, you can manage users on Snapchat.

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