Snapchat’s Redesign Caused a Massive Amount of Negative User Reviews

It can be deservedly said that Snapchat’s redesign took the market and all the users of this messenger by storm. Snapchat’s redesign implied placing the Stories between private messages, and this has prompted a genuine outrage among the users of this messenger. Firstly, the new redesign became available in such countries like Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.


In the result of this overhaul of Snapchat’s design, 83 percent of the users who left 1,941 reviews on Apple Store considered this redesign to be negative, whereas their reviews were marked from one to two stars, according to the data of SensorTower. This way, only 17 percent of the reviews (or 391 reviews) were marked from three to five stars.

Right after this update, the Twitter Support Account of Snapchat was, indeed, very busy, as it had to reply to the myriads of users who truly hate this rollout. The users want to uninstall this particular update, which is impossible – updating the app is irreversible. Thus, the company’s support strives to explain to the users where the “Stories” feature is placed and how to find it.

Snapchat's Redesign Caused a Massive Amount of Negative User Reviews

Snapchat’s redesign has caused discontent among the users of this messenger

The purpose of this overhaul from the side of the company, as the expert think, was the falling revenues of Snapchat in the third quarter of 2017. That has led to the loss of around $443 million, which discouraged many investors and stockholders. By making out this overhaul, the company tried to boost its revenues, as this redesign would mix Snapchat stories (the number of shares of which fell, as they started to lose competition to the Instagram stories) and ordinary messaging, which remained popular.

The statistics showed that Snapchat saw the lack of growth in the number of users who posted Stories from April up to September 2017. Compared to the 7% growth of the app’s userbase during the same period, that zero growth seems to be quite discouraging. Considering that the target audience of this app is teens who tend to use various popular features like the Stories feature, this statistics seems somewhat disappointing.

At the same time, the feature of Daily Snaps grew over the same period of time, whereas the users tended to send 34 Snaps in a day on the average. But it appears to be a fairly difficult task to monetize messages, so Snapchat decided to make a mix out of private messages and Stories. However, the implementation of this redesign was carried in quite a smart manner. At first, the stories only from the closest friends and people were displayed, instead of just pouring them in a chronological order. But nevertheless, it has caused outrage and discontent among users, who expected a completely differ story from this update.

Besides, Instagram is attempting to popularize its Stories feature as well by allowing the users to post them on Whatsapp (read about it here).