How to Add Another Telegram Account

Telegram is an, indeed, comfortable and convenient messenger, and it particularly supports managing multiple accounts from one device and one app. That comes as an extremely convenient tool in the case if you need to have two or more accounts on this platform. This guide will show you how to add another Telegram account within a couple of minutes, and all you should do is just to follow the instructions, published in this guide. Enjoy!


How to Add Another Telegram Account

The first step you should make is launching the Telegram app on your smartphone

  • Start the entire process by finding the icon of Telegram on your smartphone. Once you have done it, click on it and launch the application.

link another instagram

You can open a menu by giving a click to this button

  • After accessing the application, you will have to open the application’s menu. Click on the button, located in the left-upper corner.

create another Telegram account

In order to add another Telegram account, you should click on this button

  • In the menu that has just appeared on the left, you need to click on a pointer button, located next to your name and phone number. That will open a couple of lines, one with your actual account (with your photo and name) and one “Add account.” Click on the latter one.

link another Instagram account

Now, you have to click on the “Add Account” button, located right under your original account

  • On the next page, you will have to provide the phone number of your future second Telegram account. Choose the country out of the list and type your phone number in the given field. Select (or unselect, if you don’t want to synchronize the contacts of that phone number) the box next to “Sync Contacts.” Then, click on the “Continue” button, placed in the right-upper corner.

add more Telegram accounts

Here you should enter the mobile number of another account you want to add

  • After that, you will receive a message with a verification code onto your new mobile phone. Check the message and copy that code in the given field in the app. Then, click on the “Continue” button.

add more accounts on Telegram

You can add another Telegram account if you receive a code onto your new mobile number and enter it here

  • Once you have done that, you will be offered to register your new account. In such a case, you need to type your name in the first field. Then, you can enter your last name in the second field – that is not required and completely optional. After that, you have to click on the “Continue” button once again.

adding accounts on Telegram

Now, you have to register your new account on Telegram by typing your first and last name

  • Finally, you will notice that you are logged in to Telegram under another connect. You can easily switch your accounts under your phone number in the app’s left-side menu.

adding Telegram accounts

Now, you can see that a new account has been added to your Telegram app

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