How to Add Bio to Your Telegram Account

As it was mentioned in one of our previous guides for Telegram, this messenger has rapidly become so popular because of the abundance of features it offers. One of the particular features that many users and, especially, influencers fancy is the ability to add bio to your Telegram account.


There are various reasons why this feature has become popular. First of all, influencers can shortly describe themselves (similar to Twitter or Facebook). On the other hand, it was embedded very convenient and doesn’t seem to bother anyone. One way or another, but you may consider adding a bio to your Telegram account. Therefore, follow the instructions published in this guide. This way, you will be able to add a short biography to your account on Telegram.

How to Add Bio to Your Telegram Account

You can easily add bio to your Telegram account that will be visible to other users, but the first thing you should do is to launch the app

  • Begin the entire process by finding the icon of Telegram on your smartphone and tapping on it.
  • Once you have launched the application, you will get to see the window with your inbox. In the left-upper side of that window, you will notice a menu button. Click on it and prompt a menu.

add telegram bio

After launching the app, you need to open a menu by clicking on this button

  • Then, you will have to go to the page of settings of your Telegram account, and you will get to see the “Settings” item in that left-side menu of the application. Click on “Settings.”

add telegram biography

Among different menu options, you should definitely click on “Settings”

  • In the following window, you will get to see three lines in the “Info” section: phone number, username, and bio. You need to click on “bio” right away.

add biography to Telegram

At the top of the settings page, you can add bio to your Telegram account simply by giving a click here

  • You will be able to add bio to your Telegram account right on the next page. In the given field, you can create a short biography of up to 70 characters. Thus, compile it and type your bio in that field. Following it, click on the “Continue” button, which was placed in the right-upper corner.

add biography to telegram account

After you will be done with adding bio to your Telegram account, you should click on this button

  • After it, you can access the page of settings of your account, where you will notice that your newly added bio is featured there. Now, your bio will also be displayed to the other users. You can change your bio anytime just in a pretty same way like you have set up now (you can use this guide for changing it again in the future, of course).

add biography to your Telegram account

As you can observe, a new bio compiled by you has just been added to your Telegram account

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