How to Change or Add Profile Photo on Telegram

Having a profile photo in a messenger or a social network is crucial for many users, especially when it comes to the younger generation. This simple, step-by-step guide will show how to change or add profile photo on Telegram, and all you need to do is just to follow these instructions.


How to Change or Add Profile Photo on Telegram

First of all, you should click on the icon of the Telegram app and launch it

  • In the first place, you should launch the Telegram application by giving a click to its icon on your phone.
  • After you have successfully launched the app, find the menu button (located in the left-upper corner) and give it a click.

how to change profile photo on telegram

You can open the menu of settings by giving a click here

  • Once you have triggered a menu on the left side, you need to find there the “Settings” option and click on it.

how to add profile photo on telegram

You can change or add profile photo on Telegram by accessing the page of settings – just click on this button

  • Following it, you will see the page of your Telegram account’s general settings. This is the page where you can set up a photo for your account. If you don’t have any profile photo yet, click on the camera icon at the top. If you have a photo and you want to change it, click right on your photo.

how to change telegram profile photo

Click on this camera icon (or another profile photo that was displayed) and you will be able to change or add profile photo on Telegram

  • Once you have clicked there, you will be given two options: “from gallery” and “ from camera.” Most probably, you have your photo saved in the gallery, but choose the option you wish. Then, find (or shoot) a photo you wish and upload it to Telegram.

how to add telegram profile photo

Choose whether you want to shoot a photo by using the camera right now or select it from your gallery

  • The next step of yours must be applying filters and cropping to your photo. Tap on the button placed at the bottom on the left. Turn and crop the image the way you wish. Click on “CROP.”

how to change profile photo of your telegram account

You can crop and rotate the photo right while applying it to your account

  • Then, tap on the button next to “Continue.” Configure such settings of your photo like Contrast, Exposure, and Enhance. Once you have done that, click on the “DONE” button.

how to add photo to your telegram account

You are also able to play with colors; tap on „DONE“ once you have ended

  • If you think that the photo is ok and will be suitable for you, you should click on the “Continue” button, placed in the right-bottom corner.

update telegram profile photo

The new profile photo will be applied to your account once you click on this button

  • Right after that, you will immediately notice that your profile photo has been added or changed.

apply new telegram profile photoNow, you can see that a new profile photo has been applied

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