How to Add Stickers to Your Telegram Account

Apart from a large and rich variety of emojis, Telegram also offers its users to utilize stickers. By default, there is only one collection of stickers added to the account: “Great Minds.” This step-by-step guide will show you how to add stickers to your Telegram account within a couple of minutes and with ease. You should just follow the instructions provided in this guide.


How to Add Stickers to Your Telegram Account

The first step of yours must be to launch the application of Telegram

  • Start the entire process by finding the icon of Telegram on your smartphone and tapping on it. That will run the application.

add stickers to telegram

Click on the marked button in order to trigger a left-side menu of the app

  • Once the application has been launched, you should click on the button that was placed in the left-upper corner. That will call a left-side menu in the app.

upload stickers to telegram

You can add stickers to your Telegram account simply by going to the page of settings of your account

  • After triggering the application’s menu, you need to tap on “Settings.”

replace stickers on telegram

Then, you need to scroll down a bit

  • Once the page of your account’s settings has been displayed to you, that’s the place where you can apply new stickers to your account. There, you need to scroll down almost till the very bottom until you will find “Stickers.”

new stickers on telegram

Almost at the bottom of your account’s settings page, you will have to click here

  • After finding the “Stickers” line, you should click on the “16” number, placed next to it.

new telegram stickers

At this point, you can observe that you can add either masks or stickers (or both)

  • Now, you can add more stickers or marks to your account. On that page, you will see the stickers that are already available for you (“Great Minds” by default), trending stickers and masks. You can also add masks to your account by going there, but the first goal was to add stickers. So, click on the “Trending Stickers” button.

what are telegram stickers

Select a bunch of stickers you want to add to your account and use in the future

  • On the next page, you will see a list of sets of stickers. You can see all the stickers of a particular set simply by clicking on it or on the “ADD” button.

what to do with stickers on telegram

In order to add stickers to your Telegram account, click on this button

  • Once you have found a set of stickers you wish to add, you need to click on the “ADD STICKERS” text button, placed in the right-bottom corner.

how to add telegram stickers

Now, you can observe how a newly added sticker has been applied in the conversation

  • Right after that, the new set of stickers will be added to your account. Since that very moment, you will be able to use those stickers anytime. In the chat, you will need just to access the section of stickers and choose one of the stickers you have just added (have a look at the last screenshot).

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