How to Adjust Telegram Group Notifications

Even though Telegram’s notifications are not as annoying as the notifications from other messengers, you may have a need to configure those settings anyway. In this pretty simple and step-by-step guide we are going to uncover how to adjust Telegram group notifications. You will spend no more than a couple of minutes on this affair – just follow this guide and enjoy!


How to Adjust Telegram Group Notifications

Before you will be able to adjust Telegram group notifications, you need to launch the app on your smartphone

  • First of all, launch the application simply by tapping on its icon on your smartphone.

configure Telegram group notifications

You can adjust Telegram group notifications by launching the menu of settings

  • Once you have accessed the app, you will notice a button placed in the left-upper corner. That’s a menu button, and you should give a click in order to prompt it.

change Telegram group notifications

In order to proceed further, you should select “Settings” in this menu

  • After you have triggered a menu on the left side, you need to select “Settings” among other menu items (closer to the bottom).

alter Telegram group notifications

In the “Settings” section of your account’s page, you need to go to the “Notifications and Sounds” section

  • The next step of yours must be selecting “Notifications and Sounds” under “Settings” on the page of your account’s general settings.

apply Telegram group notifications

Here, you can configure Telegram group notifications

  • Once you have accessed the page of notifications and sounds’ settings, you need to scroll down a bit until you will get to see the “Group Notifications” section. That’s where you need to adjust Telegram group notifications.

change settings of Telegram group notifications

This way you can set up whether you want the notifications to be with vibration or not

  • First of all, let’s configure the first three settings: Alert, Message Preview, and LED Color. The first setting shows whether you will receive notifications about messages sent in the groups (you can disable these notifications simply by tapping on the button beside “Alert”). The second setting allows you to configure whether you will see previews of the messages in the phone’s tray (it is recommended to keep it turned on). After all, you can change the LED color – just click on the color beside “LED Color” and choose another one.

adjust settings of Telegram group notifications

Telegram doesn’t display pop-up notifications by default, but you can enable this feature

  • Now let’s move to other settings, namely – “Vibrate.” This is a vibration and you can choose one of the following options: Default, Disabled, Short, Long, Only if silent (the latter is recommended).

configure settings of telegram group notifications

If the standard sound doesn’t satisfy you, you can record or apply another one right from your phone

  • The next setting is “Popup Notifications.” Telegram is well-known that, unlike WhatsApp, it doesn’t keep popup notifications by default. You can turn them on by selecting “Only when screen on,” “Only when screen off,” or “Always show popup.”

apply settings of Telegram group notifications

This is the last setting you can adjust in the Telegram group notifications

  • The “Sound” allows you to place your own sound as a notification. Just find it on your phone and add there.
  • After all, it is recommended to keep the priority at “High” or “Default” – “Max” is recommended if messages in groups are really much more important for you than other messages (in a case if you have installed Telegram for talking with colleagues, for example).