How to Change Your Name on Telegram

There may be different situations and you may have a need to change your name on Telegram. Similar to changing the username, it tends to be quite an easy process that can be done within a couple of minutes. Thus, if you truly want to change the name of your account on Telegram, you should just follow the instructions published in our step-by-step guide. Enjoy!


How to Change Your Name on Telegram

You can easily change your name on Telegram that can be viewed by other users, but you have to open the app first

  • First of all, you should begin by finding the Telegram icon on your smartphone and tapping on it in order to launch the app.
  • Once you have opened the app, you will have to spot the menu button, which was placed in the left-upper corner. Click on it.

How to alter Your Name on Telegram

Once you have launched the Telegram app, you should click on this button and prompt a menu

  • After prompting a left-side menu of the application, you need to find the “Settings” menu options, which is located closer to the bottom. Once you have found it, click on it.

how to update your name on telegram

You need to select this option in the menu in order to change your name on Telegram

  • Then, you will access the page of general settings of your Telegram account. You need to click on the button, located in the blue space (in a standard theme) in the right-upper corner.

how to change your telegram name

Click here and start the procedure of changing the name of your Telegram account

  • Once you have clicked on that button, you prompted a short pop-up menu, in which you should select “Edit name.” Do it.

how to alter your telegram name

Now, you have to click on the „Edit name“ button in order to continue

  • The following page is the place where you can finally change your name on Telegram. There, you will have two fields: you should use the first field for typing your name, while the second field must be used for typing your last name. However, you should keep in mind that specifying the last name is not obligatory – you can just delete it and leave that field blank. N such a case, your account will be displayed only under a name.

how to update your name on telegram

After entering the name you want in these fields, you should confirm the action by giving a click to this button

  • Once you have typed the name you wanted in those fields, you should save the results. Therefore, you need to click on the “Continue” button, placed in the right-upper corner of that page.

ways to change or update your telegram name

Now, you can see that the name from your Telegram account has been changed

  • Right after that, you will get to see the page of your Telegram account’s settings one more. This time, however, you will notice that your name on Telegram has been changed

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