How to Configure Messages Settings on Telegram

Telegram can boast the fact that it offers a lot of settings for its users to configure, unlike many other messengers (especially Snapchat). One of the settings one must configure are the settings of messages. Even though many users neglect this type of settings, it may make one’s life far more comfortable and messaging far more enjoyable. This simple and step-by-step guide will demonstrate you how to configure messages settings on Telegram without having to make much of an effort.


What can you configure in the settings of messages Well, there you can configure stickers or the text size, though these two particular settings have been covered by our previous guides in the Telegram section. Also, you will be able to configure such settings as in-app browser and direct share. After all, you can configure a couple of other useful features, such as the raise to speak feature.

How to Configure Messages Settings on Telegram

You can configure messages settings on Telegram with ease, yet you should start by launching this app

  • In order to configure messages settings on Telegram, you need to find the app’s icon on your smartphone and tap on it in the first place.
  • Right after that, you will get to see the Telegram’s page with your chats. There, you need to give a click to the three-lined button, placed in the left-upper corner. Do it.

how to adjust messages settings on telegram

The second step of yours should be opening the application’s left-side menu

  • Once you have done that, you will immediately notice that a menu of the application has been opened on the left side. You will get to see many menu items out there, but you need to give a click to “Settings.”

how to change messages settings on telegram

In this menu, you should click on the “Settings” menu item in order to proceed further

  • After that, you will get to see the page of your Telegram account’s settings. At first, you will get to see such sections as “Info” and “Settings.” Yet, you need to scroll down until you will get to see the “Messages” section. That’s the place where you can configure messages settings on Telegram.
  • So, this guide doesn’t cover stickers, messages text size, and save to gallery, as these aspects are covered by others guides in our Telegram section. Let’s begin with “In-App Browser.” By default, all the links sent to your on Telegram are opened in the in-app browser, but you can change it by tapping on the button next to it.

how to apply new messages settings on telegram

Now, you should scroll down a bit until you will see the “Messages” section of the settings

  • The next setting is “Direct Share,” which allows you to see chats right in the share menu. In order to disable it, tap on the button beside.
  • The following feature is the “Raise to Speak” feature. This feature allows you to record your voice in an audio message simply by moving your phone to your ear, in a way as if you had a phone call. You can disable it, however, by tapping on the button near it.

how to configure telegram messages settings

  • Send by Enter (off by default) and Autoplay GIFs (on by default) are pretty self-explanatory features. Just tap on their buttons in order to change configurations.