How to Configure Telegram Message Notifications

If you have just signed up for Telegram and installed its app, you may have a need to configure Telegram message notifications. Even though they don’t pop up as in the case in WhatsApp, there are things you may have a wish to change. Thus, just follow this step-by-step guide in order to do it.


How to Configure Telegram Message Notifications

Before you will be able to configure Telegram message notifications of your account, you need to access the app itself

  • The first thing you should do is to launch the Telegram app on your smartphone.
  • Once you have launched the app, you need to click on the menu button that was placed in the left-upper corner.

How to Update Telegram Message Notifications

Click on this button in order to proceed further

  • In that menu, you need to tap on “Settings” among other menu items.

How to Arrange Telegram Message Notifications

Select this menu item and access the page of settings, which will allow you to configure Telegram message notifications

  • Once you have accessed the page of settings of your account on Telegram, you need to go to the “Notifications and Sounds” section of the settings.

How to Adjust Telegram Message Notifications

Click on this button and access the section of notification’s settings

  • At the very top of that section of settings, you will notice the settings of message notifications. Let’s have a look at the first three configurations: alert (switch off if you want not to receive notifications), message preview (switch off if you don’t want the preview to be displayed in your smartphone’s tray), and LED color (you can set up a different color for notifications).

How to Change Telegram Message Notifications

At the top of the notifications‘ settings page, you can adjust message notifications

  • Now, let’s move further. You can set up a vibration. By default, it is almost not used. There are other options you may consider: completely disabled, short, long, and only if silent (the latter one seems a good one).

How to Alter Telegram Message Notifications

This setting allows you to choose the vibration when receiving messages

  • Move further to popup notifications. Telegram is known for that, unlike other messengers, it doesn’t automatically allow popup notifications (i.e. the notifications about messages don’t light your phone or appear over other apps). You can choose the following options instead: only when screen on, only when screen off, and always show popup.

How to Modify Telegram Message Notifications

Telegram doesn’t display pop-up notifications by default, but you can configure so it will display

  • The “Sound” setting allows you to set up your own ringtone – just browse your phone and find the suitable melody. Then, upload it to Telegram.

Configuring Telegram Settings

At this point of the settings‘ configuration, you can change the sound of the notifications

  • After all, you can change a priority for usual notifications (that will differ from group notifications and others, for example): by default, the priority there is high. But you can elevate it to “max” (or also lower to “default”).

changing telegram settings

The priority setting defines the urgency of this type of messages over the others (like group messages, etc.)

Now, you have just configured the message notifications on your Telegram account. Check out the other guides for Telegram.