How to Create Telegram Secret Chat

One of the unique features of the Telegram messenger is an ability to create Telegram secret chat. That is quite unusual as for the messengers, and this feature is not available on WhatsApp or Snapchat. This step-by-step guide will introduce this feature to you and will demonstrate how to create Telegram secret chat with ease.


So, messages that are sent in messengers like Telegram or WhatsApp are encrypted by default, which means that they are protected from hacking. However, secret chats offer additional opportunities. For example, no user cannot take a screenshot from a secret chat – even if one tries to take such a screenshot with a special software, it will be displayed as just a black screen. Other additional features of secret chats include:

  • Self-destruct timer, which allow such chats to be self-destructed in the period from 1 second up to 1 week from their creation (by default, this timer is disabled).
  • No user can forward a message from such a chat.
  • These chats leave no traces on the servers of Telegram, which means that they are highly secure.
  • Such chats feature end-to-end encryption, which makes talking in such chats incredibly secure.
  • There is no possibility that the information from this chat will be leaked, unless someone grabs an unprotected phone physically.

how to create telegram secret chat

This app offers you an amazing opportunity to create Telegram secret chat, i.e. a highly-encrypted chat of which even screenshots cannot be taken

  • In order to create a secret chat on Telegram, you should find the icon of Telegram on your smartphone and tap on it in the first place.
  • Once you have done that and launched the app, you need trigger a left-side menu of this application. You can do it by clicking on the button, which is located in the left-upper corner.

what is telegram secret chat

In order to create a secret chat on Telegram, you need to click on this button and access the app’s menu

  • After you have prompted a menu on the left side on the screen, you will notice three options at the top: new group, new secret chat, and new channel. You need to tap on “new secret chat.”

what is secret chat on telegram

Click on this button in order to create Telegrem secret chat, as this procedure will be completed within a minute

  • You will be able to create Telegram secret chat on the next page. There, you need to select a friend with whom you want to create a secret chat. That can be done simply by tapping. Note that you can create a secret chat only with one friend.

telegram and secret chat

Now, select the contact you want to chat secretly with – after that, the secret chat will immediately be created

  • Right after that, you will notice that a new secret chat has been created. You can access it simply by entering the chat in your inbox, but only until the time when (and if) the secret chat gets self-destructed.

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