How to Enable Passcode Lock on Telegram

Among Telegram security features that you should definitely consider using, there must be the passcode lock feature. This feature requires you to enter the passcode after a certain period time of not using the app. For example, you have configured to ask the passcode 5 minutes after not using the app. When you went to smoke, your phone got a message and someone tried to read it, but couldn’t thanks to this feature. Thus, it tends to be a fairly good protection of your privacy as well. In this guide, you will learn how to enable passcode lock on Telegram within a couple of minutes. Enjoy!


How to Enable Passcode Lock on Telegram

First of all, you should open the app of Instagram by clicking on its icon on your smartphone

  • Start the procedure by launching the Telegram app on your smartphone.

how to turn on passcode lock on telegram

After accessing the app, you need to click on this button that will trigger a menu

  • Then, once you have got to see the inbox, click on the button that was placed in the left-upper corner.

how to enable telegram passcode lock

You can enable passcode lock on Telegram after accessing the page of your account’s settings

  • In the left-side menu of this application, you should click on “Settings,” placed at the bottom of it.

how to turn on telegram passcode lock

Click on this option in order to proceed further

  • On the page of your Telegram account’s settings, you have to tap on “Privacy and Security” under “Settings.”

how to use passcode lock on telegram

At this point, you can enable passcode lock on Telegram within a couple of seconds

  • Now, that’s the page where you can set up a passcode lock. Click on “Passcode Lock” under “Security.”

how to utilize passcode lock on telegram

In order to enable passcode lock on Telegram, you need just to tap here

  • On the page of the passcode lock setting up, you need to tap on the button next to “Passcode Lock.”

how to use telegram passcode lock

Now, you should enter the password of your passcode lock

  • On the following page, you will be asked to enter a 4-digit pin – you will need to type it anytime you will be asked to provide the passcode. After typing it in that field, click on the “Continue” button in the right-upper corner.

how to utilize telegram passcode lock

The next step of yours must be repeating the passcode lock you have selected

  • On the next page, you will be asked to enter the PIN once again. Type it in that field and confirm by clicking on the “Continue” button.

what is telegram passcode lock

Here, you can configure when the auto-lock must be applied

  • After all, you will notice that the passcode lock has been set up. Now, you can disable such features like “allow screen capture” and “unlock with fingerprint” simply by tapping on the buttons beside them.
  • Click on “in 1 hour” near “Auto-lock.”

how to secure your telegram account

The auto-lock can work from 5 minutes after the phone has been left up to 5 hours

  • In the next window, configure the time when the passcode lock should be asked: from 5 minutes up to 5 five hours. Click on “DONE” after it.
  • Now, you have just set up a passcode lock on your Telegram account.

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