How to Forward Messages on Telegram

Have you ever had a need to forward a message on a messenger somewhere or to someone? Or, perhaps, you may have wanted to save a long message that contains some useful information? This all can easily be done with the “forward messages” feature on Telegram! All saved messages can easily be accessed anytime and with ease. This step-by-step guide will not just show you how to forward messages on Telegram, but how to save them and where to access them anytime. Just follow the guide’s instructions, and this all can be done within a minute.


How to Forward Messages on Telegram

There is nothing difficult to forward messages on Telegram, yet you need to launch the app in the first place

  • In the first place, you need to launch the Telegram app on your smartphone. In order to do that, you need to find the icon and tap on it.

how to forward telegram messages

Now you need to access a conversation in which you want to copy a message

  • Once you have accessed the inbox, find a chat a message from which you want to forward or save. Then, find a particular message in the chat.
  • After you have found that particular message in the chat, you need to select it. That can be done quite easily: you need to tap on that message and hold it.

what is telegram message forwarding

In order to forward messages on Telegram, you need to find a message you want to forward, then tap on it and hold

  • Once you have done that action, you will notice that the message has got selected. You will also notice that there has appeared a menu at the top of it. You need to tap on the pointer that points to the right side (this button is placed near the trash button, or have a look at the image). Do it.

what is message forwarding on telegram

Now you need to click on this pointer in order to forward the selected message

  • Then, you can forward the selected message or save it. In order to forward the message, you need to select a channel, a group, or a chat in the window that has appeared. At the top of that window, however, there will be the “Saved Messages” option – you need to tap there in order to save a message. Do it.

why to forward telegram messages

If you select to forward the selected message to “Saved Messages,” you will be always able to access it in that folder

  • Now, you have got to see the inbox of yours once again. Click on the left-upper menu button and trigger the application’s menu once again.

settings of telegram messages

You can access all the messages you have saved before in this folder

  • In that left-side menu of the Telegram application, you can see the “Saved Messages” menu item (placed between “Contacts” and “Calls”) – that is the place where all of your saved messages are stored. You can access them there anytime.

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