How to Manage Telegram Channel

Telegram channels are a great means of communication and somewhat remind Facebook groups. However, it is not enough just to create a channel on Telegram – you also need to administer and manage it, post quality content there, engage your subscribers. In this fairly simple guide, we will demonstrate how to manage Telegram channel, as you are likely to need these skills when using this messenger.


How to Manage Telegram Channel

Telegram channels are quite popular nowadays, and you can manage them with ease

  • Start the entire process by finding the app’s icon on your smartphone and tapping right on it.

how to manage channel on telegram

In order to manage Telegram channel of yours, you should access the chat of your channel

  • Right after you have accessed your Telegram account and got to see the page with chats, you need to find your channel you want to manage there. Once you have done it, tap on that channel.

how to control telegram channel

You can click here in order to access the settings of your channel

  • On the page of the channel, you need to tap on the channel’s name or the number of subscribers – both are placed at the top.

how to control channel on telegram

You are able to manage Telegram channel by giving a click to this button of settings

  • Right after that, you will actually see the page with insightful info, such as shared media on the channel or subscribers. Yet, you need to click on the button of the channel’s settings, placed in the right-upper part of the page.

how to administer telegram channel

There are three ways in which you can manage Telegram channel of yours

  • On the following page, you will be able to manage Telegram channel of yours. There are three sections: channel info, recent actions, and administrators. Let’s have a look at each of them. Click on “Channel Info.”

how to administer channel on telegram

Here, you can change the channel’s name, description, status (private or public), link, and enable sign messages (shows who of the channel’s admins sent a message)

  • On this page, you can edit the channel’s name (the first field), change the channel from private to public or vice versa, change the channel’s link, or enable sign messages (so the admins who posted the posts will be displayed). Once you have configured this section, click on the “Continue” button in the right-upper corner.

how to configure channel settings on telegram

This page shows you the latest updates regarding your channel

  • Then, tap on “Recent Actions.”

how to configure telegram channel settings

You decrease the number of notifications regarding your channel if there is a lot of activity around it

  • On this page, you can see what are the last actions that have been done with your channel. You can edit what actions should be displayed by clicking on “Settings” and selecting/unselecting necessary/unnecessary changed. After that, click on “Save.”

how to adjust telegram channel settings

After all, you can add another admin to your channel – just click on this button

  • After all, click on “Administrators.”
  • Then, click on “Add administrator” if you want to add one.

how to adjust channel settings on telegram

You can search a person from your contact list and add him/her as an admin of the channel

  • On the following page, click on the search button placed in the right-upper corner.
  • Find a person from your contacts and add him/her as an administrator simply by tapping on his/her name.