How to Shut Down Telegram Background App

Telegram has many advantages than its biggest rivals, Snapchat and WhatsApp. One of such advantages is that this messenger gives its users an availability to shut down the app completely. Let’s suppose that you have gone on a vacation and want others to leave you alone, while having your internet connection. In such a case, shutting down a messenger would be a good idea. Or you want to cloister yourself somewhere for a certain time One way or another, but you need to learn how to shut down Telegram background app, and this article will guide you through this process thoroughly.


How to Shut Down Telegram Background App

Launch the Telegram application in order to shut down Telegram background app completely

  • So, the first thing you need to do in order to shut down Telegram background app is to launch the application itself. Click on the app’s icon in order to do that.

how to disable telegram backgroup app

In order to be able to shut down Telegram background app at all, you should click on this button and prompt the left-side app’s menu

  • Then, you need to open the menu of the app’s settings. You can do it by clicking on the button that is placed in the left-upper corner.

how to turn off telegram background app

Now, you need to select the “Settings” menu item in order to proceed further

  • After launching the app’s menu, you should access the page of settings – simply tap on the “Settings” menu item.

how to disable telegram completely

You can configure to close the Telegram app completely by going to this page of settings

  • Shutting down the background app of Telegram is possible on the page of notifications and sounds settings. Thus, tap on “Notifications and Sounds” under “Settings” in order to move further.

how to stop telegram completely

Now you should scroll down just a bit

  • After accessing the page of notifications and sounds settings, you will see quite a large number of settings. However, you need to scroll down until the very bottom.

how to eliminate telegram background app

In order to shut down Telegram background app, you need to disable these two features

  • At the bottom of that page, you will get to see two sections: “Other” and “Reset.” You actually need to use the section “Other.” The first two settings in the “Other” section are “Keep-Alive Service” and “Background Connection.” You need to disable both of them by tapping on their buttons. Once you have done that, these settings will be disabled.

how to force stop telegram at all

Now, you can close Telegram and it will be displayed to everyone that you are unavailable

  • After doing it, you need to do a few steps more. Now, you need just to close the Telegram messenger. Following it, make sure that the messenger’s “process” is killed and the app is not running anymore. If the process has been terminated, then you won’t appear in Telegram as online or as a person who receives notifications. The job is done!

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