How to Use Telegram Proxy

There are, indeed, myriads of useful features available on Telegram, but one of the special features (that are not offered by other messengers) is the feature of Telegram proxy. This article will guide you through this issue and show you how to use Telegram proxy. Considering that Telegram offers, without exaggeration, a freedom of speech (Iran, for example, has banned Telegram), the proxy may help you overcome restrictions that may be imposed.


How to Use Telegram Proxy

In order to learn how to use Telegram proxy and start doing it, you should run this application on your smartphone

  • First of all, you need to launch your Telegram app.

how to use proxy on telegram

In order to configure a proxy in Telegram, you should call a menu of settings

  • Then, click on the app’s button of settings, located in the left-upper corner.

what is proxy on telegram

On the page of settings you will be able to apply and use Telegram proxy

  • Following it, you will get to see a menu that you have just triggered. There, you need to click on the “Settings” menu item.

what is telegram proxy

This is the section you have to access in order to start using a proxy

  • On the page of settings, you need to tap on “Data and Storage” under “Settings.”

how to utilize telegram proxy

You need to scroll down till the very bottom of this page of the data and storage settings

  • Once you have accessed the page of your data and storage settings, that is the place where you can configure a proxy. Scroll down till the very bottom.

how to utilize proxy on telegram

Here, you can configure to start using a proxy on your Telegram client

  • At the bottom, you will see the “Proxy” section. Tap on “Proxy Settings.”

how to take advantage of telegram proxy

In order to use Telegram proxy, you should just click on this button

  • Click on the button next to “Use proxy settings” in order to enable proxy.

how to take advantage of proxy on telegram

You need to configure the server, port, username, and password in order to start using a proxy in Telegram

  • Then, you will see four fields there: server, port, username, and password. You need to configure each of the fields there in order to get connected to the proxy (there exist free and paid proxies).

the ways of using telegram proxy

Once you have configured everything, you can also click here in order to start using proxy for calls as well

  • Once you have filled in all the fields, check them again in order to make sure that you have made no mistake.

the ways of using proxy on telegram

After you have configured all the settings, you can exit this section of proxy settings

  • You can also enable proxy for Telegram calls as well – you need just to tap on the button next to “Use proxy for calls,” just below the proxy configurations.

all you need to know about telegram proxy

In the upper part of the client, you will get to see whether the client is just trying to connect to the proxy or has succeeded to do so

  • Once you are done with configuring these settings, you will notice that the app will attempt to connect to the proxy. If you got the result that everything works okay, then you have configured your proxy properly.