Intro Guide to Telegram

Even though WhatsApp remains to be the No. 1 messaging app in the world by the number of users, it has got a tough competition from Telegram. Telegram is becoming more popular due to the large number of features it can boast, and this intro guide to Telegram will introduce this marvelous app to you.


intro guide to Telegram

You can launch the Telegram app simply by tapping on its icon in your smartphone

  • Once you have installed the Telegram messenger app, you can click on its icon and access the application.
  • Since the very moment of the application’s launch, you will see the basic page of this app. On that page, you can actually access your chats and conversations, channels you are subscribed to, secret channels and groups you are a member of. All in all, this is where the most of the things take place.
  • Then, you need to click on the button that was placed in the left-upper corner of this page. By doing so, you will prompt the app’s menu, which will be located on the left side. On the top part of that menu, you will see your name, photo, and phone number.

how to use telegram

This image of the intro guide to Telegram shows the app’s menu, which you will have to use quite often

  • Below your profile photo and phone number, you can see a set of three options: new group, new secret chat, and new channel. These are the things you can create in Telegram, and our Telegram section contains guides for every of these things.

how to utilize telegram

At this point, the intro guide to Telegram shows how looks the inbox of an account on Telegram

  • Further below, you can see 6 sections. The first section is “Contacts,” which displays all the contacts from your address book who have installed the Telegram app. The second section is “Saved Messages,” where the messages saved by you are kept. Thirdly, the “Calls” section allows you to call within the app. The “Invite Friends” section gives you an opportunity to invite your friends to install this app. The “Settings” section is widely and frequently used and allows you to configure anything regarding your account and app. After all, you can find answers to some of your questions in the “Telegram FAQ” section.

telegram main features


Conversations on Telegram may look something similar to this one (there are an abundance of features connected with bots on Telegram)

  • After all, have a look at the chat within Telegram. In the left-bottom corner, you can add and use emojis. In the right-bottom corner, you can tap to record a video, take a photo, or record an audio. Next to it, there is the “Attach” button, which allows you to send almost anything, beginning with audios, videos, photos and ending with your present location. If you want to clear or delete a chat (or a mute a chatter), you need to tap on the button, located in the right-upper corner. That’s it, nothing extra difficult.