How to Configure Telegram In-App Notifications

Telegram is a messenger that, unlike its competitors, can boast quite a large variety of customizable settings – especially when it comes to notifications. In this step-by-step guide of ours, you will be able to learn how to configure Telegram in-app notifications, such as in-app vibrate, sounds, preview and many others. There is definitely nothing … Read more

How to Enable Telegram 2-Step Verification

Among other features on Telegram, there is an ability to enable Telegram 2-step verification. This allows you to ensure that no one will be able to get access to your account on any other device, elevating the level of your account’s security. Just follow our instructions in order to get it set up! Launch the … Read more

How to Manage Telegram Channel

Telegram channels are a great means of communication and somewhat remind Facebook groups. However, it is not enough just to create a channel on Telegram – you also need to administer and manage it, post quality content there, engage your subscribers. In this fairly simple guide, we will demonstrate how to manage Telegram channel, as … Read more

How to Disable Telegram Event Notifications

Even though Telegram’s notifications are quite moderate and rarely bother the users, there is one particular type of notifications that may cause the user’s wish to turn them off: event notifications. Event notifications appear when someone posts a pinned message or someone new is joining the Telegram network. And while the latter tends to be … Read more

How to Forward Messages on Telegram

Have you ever had a need to forward a message on a messenger somewhere or to someone? Or, perhaps, you may have wanted to save a long message that contains some useful information? This all can easily be done with the “forward messages” feature on Telegram! All saved messages can easily be accessed anytime and … Read more