How to Use Telegram Proxy

There are, indeed, myriads of useful features available on Telegram, but one of the special features (that are not offered by other messengers) is the feature of Telegram proxy. This article will guide you through this issue and show you how to use Telegram proxy. Considering that Telegram offers, without exaggeration, a freedom of speech … Read more

How to Block Users on Telegram

Unfortunately, harassment and abuse happens in the online realm as well. Blocking and moderation are as important as the existence of social media and messengers at all. The chance of you getting harassed online is not excluded, and it is important to know how to counter that. This step-by-step guide of ours will teach you … Read more

How to Configure Telegram Message Notifications

If you have just signed up for Telegram and installed its app, you may have a need to configure Telegram message notifications. Even though they don’t pop up as in the case in WhatsApp, there are things you may have a wish to change. Thus, just follow this step-by-step guide in order to do it. … Read more

How to Shut Down Telegram Background App

Telegram has many advantages than its biggest rivals, Snapchat and WhatsApp. One of such advantages is that this messenger gives its users an availability to shut down the app completely. Let’s suppose that you have gone on a vacation and want others to leave you alone, while having your internet connection. In such a case, … Read more

How to Change Interface Language on Telegram

If you have just got to set up Telegram and find out that you need to change its interface language (for someone, for example), you can easily do it. Actually, the quite presented on this page is quite short and will teach you how to change interface language on Telegram within a couple of minutes. … Read more