Telegram Cryptocurrency May Reap Multi-Billion ICO

As the new 2018 year started, the astonishing news in the cryptocurrency market broke in. While Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, wrote in his blog post that he is pondering about applying the blockchain technology (read it here), the insider documents of Telegram have been leaked. In particular, these documents show that Telegram has … Read more

How to Change Chat Background on Telegram

Telegram is not only about such important settings like security, privacy and access from anywhere – this app also offers quite appealing design features. One of such features, for example, is an ability for you to change chat background on Telegram. Considering that this action doesn’t consume a lot of time and efforts, an idea … Read more

How to Create Telegram Channel

Telegram is a messenger where you can create channels, which is something similar to Facebook’s groups. By creating such a channel, you can make thematic discussions or administer a group where you can post some thematic stuff. Actually, you can manage a number of channels just right from your Telegram account, and this guide will … Read more

How to Enable Passcode Lock on Telegram

Among Telegram security features that you should definitely consider using, there must be the passcode lock feature. This feature requires you to enter the passcode after a certain period time of not using the app. For example, you have configured to ask the passcode 5 minutes after not using the app. When you went to … Read more

How to Make Calls on Telegram

Even though Telegram doesn’t have a feature that WhatsApp has yet (WhatsApp supports video calls), its feature of calling may be not worse. That’s because Telegram allows you to keep track of your data and traffic, which is an, indeed, very good thing when you are abroad. One way or another, but the feature of … Read more