How to Enable Passcode Lock on Telegram

Among Telegram security features that you should definitely consider using, there must be the passcode lock feature. This feature requires you to enter the passcode after a certain period time of not using the app. For example, you have configured to ask the passcode 5 minutes after not using the app. When you went to … Read more

How to Make Calls on Telegram

Even though Telegram doesn’t have a feature that WhatsApp has yet (WhatsApp supports video calls), its feature of calling may be not worse. That’s because Telegram allows you to keep track of your data and traffic, which is an, indeed, very good thing when you are abroad. One way or another, but the feature of … Read more

How to Add Stickers to Your Telegram Account

Apart from a large and rich variety of emojis, Telegram also offers its users to utilize stickers. By default, there is only one collection of stickers added to the account: “Great Minds.” This step-by-step guide will show you how to add stickers to your Telegram account within a couple of minutes and with ease. You … Read more

How to Save Telegram Images to Gallery With Ease

One of the advantages of Telegram (as many users suppose) is the fact that his messenger doesn’t stuff the memory of your smartphone with lots of unnecessary files – instead, it stores them on its servers, while you can access them anytime. But there may always appear a need to enable a feature that allows … Read more