How to Block Twitter Accounts and Find Friends

If you have reached that point when you need to know how to block Twitter accounts, then this guide may be more than just useful for you.


Also, you will get to know how to use the newly introduced feature of muted words as well as how to mute accounts. But apart from all these, without any doubt, necessary features, you will also get to know how to import the contacts from Gmail or Outlook accounts. So just spend five minutes on reading the guide, published below, and make the time you spend on Twitter more positive and pleasant.

block twitter accounts

Prior to getting your Twitter settings arranged, you need to log in to the system by using this form

  • The first step you have to make is accessing the website of Twitter:
  • Once you have got to see Twitter’s main webpage, go to the Twitter sign in form, placed somewhat at the top. There, you need to enter your email address and password and click on the “Log in” button.

block accounts twitter

Click on the button that is shaped as an egg and open a pop-up menu of settings

  • Immediately after doing so, you will access the Twitter account of yours. Click on the button of settings, located in the right-upper part of the page (have a look at the image).

accounts twitter block

These sections of settings you may use for blocking the accounts or Tweets that you don’t like and for finding friends

  • In the pop-up menu that will be triggered by that click, you need to click on the “Settings” option.
  • There are four pages of settings that interest us: find friends, muted accounts, muted words, and blocked accounts. Let’s see how to block Twitter accounts a bit later and go to find friends.

find friends twitter

The feature of muted words is currently under testing, yet

  • There, you will get to see two options: Gmail and Outlook. For instance, let’s choose Gmail. Click on “Search contacts.” In a new window, you will get to see that Google asks you to enter with your Gmail account. Enter your email. In the new field, enter your password and click on the blue button. Then, click “Allow” for granting access to Twitter. After some seconds, you will get to see the people from your contact list. Click either to follow them or skip the step.
  • Go to the section of muted accounts. You can mute the accounts of people you follow, and so the Tweets of those persons will not be displayed to you. For doing so, you need to enter the profile of the user, click on the “More user actions” button (placed near the “Following” button), and choose “Mute” in the pop-up menu.

twitter find friends

Here, you can see the list of the accounts you have block and add new accounts to this list

  • Go to the section of muted words. The feature works as the following: you add certain words and the Tweets that contain those words will not be displayed to you. Just enter the word in the field and click on “Add.”
  • Go to the section of blocked accounts. On this page, the accounts that have been blocked by you are displayed. In order to block Twitter accounts, you need to enter on the page of the account you wish to block, click on “More user actions” (as in the case with muting), and opt “Block” in the menu. As simple as that.

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