Ensure Your Twitter Account Safety

If you want to ensure the Twitter account safety, you need to dig into the settings of your account a bit.


Indeed, there are not so many settings that are able to boost your Twitter account safety, yet all of the ways are quite effective ones. Therefore, there is barely a reason that you may be suffering from a weak security system or anything like that. In order to find out more about the security of your Twitter account, get to see the guide that we have published right below.

twitter account safety

Logging in to your Twitter account is the first step in the procedure of the account safety improvement

  • In the first place, you should open the browser and copy the following URL into the address field of it: https://twitter.com/. After that, hit the “Enter” button.

twitter account security

You can improve the security of your account no other way than going to the page of account settings

  • Once you have entered the main page of Twitter, go to its sign in form. In that form, you need to write your email address, password, and click on the blue button for logging in.
  • Immediately after that, you must access your Twitter account. In the right-upper part of the page, there must be a button of settings. That button is displayed as a kind of a green egg. You need to click on it in order to proceed further.

safety of twitter account

You will get to see the section of security and privacy settings on the left

  • After doing so, you will get to see a pop-up menu. There, you should give a click to “Settings.”
  • After accessing the page of settings, you will notice the menu of settings on the left. There, you have to go to the page of security and privacy settings by clicking on the respective button.
  • On the page of security and privacy settings, you will get to see the security settings at the top. Actually, there are just two settings. The first one is login verification, which is similar to the 2-step verification of email address. If you place a tick near this line, you will get a security code each time when you will attempt to access the Twitter account. By placing a tick near the “Password reset¨field, you will require Twitter to ask the personal information of yours before allowing you to reset the password. Also, you can verify your identity with the phone number as well. After arranging these settings, scroll down till the bottom of the page and click on the “Save changes” button.

security of twitter account

Changing the password of your Twitter account from time to time is also a means for enhancing the Twitter account safety

  • Go to the section of “Password.” There, you are able to change the password and, actually, it is required to change your password from time to time. In order to change the password of your Twitter account, you have to type the current password in the first field and a new password in the next two fields. After doing so, click on the “Save changes” button.

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