How to Recover Your Twitter Password

It might happen to anyone that sometimes one may forget one’s password from the Twitter account or, what is worse, it might have been even hacked. What one has actually to do in such a case Well, the first action is to recover Twitter password, otherwise how one will be able to access one’s Twitter account Only after doing so, it is possible to improve the security measures, including providing the mobile phone number, alternate email, and so on.


Keep in mind, however, that a strong and reliable password is a key matter, if you want to avoid being hacked or having your account stolen. The instructions, provided below, will take you through the course of how to recover Twitter password.

Recover Twitter Password on PC Step by Step:


Recover Twitter Password

If you have lost access over your Twitter account, click on this text button

  • First Step. In order to recover Twitter password, launch your browser and access the website of Twitter (

Recover Your Twitter Password

First of all, the system needs to identify your Twitter account

  • Second Step. Find the Twitter sign in form, which is located to the right and to the upper part of the page (above the sign up form). Below the password field, find a text button with the text “Forgot password” Click on it.

rescue twitter account

There can be different means with the help of which you can recover Twitter password

  • Third Step. On the next page, Twitter will ask you to specify your account. You need to enter either your email, or phone number, or simply Twitter login. Do so and click on the “Search” button.

Rescuing account on Twitter

Since there has been only one means of password recovery for this account, we had to do it via email address

  • Fourth Step. Immediately after it, Twitter will find your account (if you have specified it correctly) and offer you one or several means for the password recovery. Since the account, used in this guide, has been linked solely to email address, there is only one means with the help of which we can recover Twitter password. If you have any other means (like the phone number), choose the one that suits you best and click on “Continue.”

Twitter account recovery

This kind of letter for resetting password will appear in your inbox

  • Fifth Step. Then, you will receive a link for resetting the password. You need to access the email inbox, find a letter form Twitter, and click on the “Reset password” button, placed in that letter.

Twitter password recovery

All what is left is to enter a new password on this page

  • Sixth Step. Just one step more and you are done with it. Now, create a new strong password and enter it in both fields. The first field displays whether the password is strong enough or not, whereas the mark near the second field shows that the passwords match. After doing so, click on the “Submit” button

Getting your Twitter password recovered

The first field shows that the password is strong enough, whereas the second field displays whether the passwords in both fields match

  • Seventh Step. That’s all. You can use your new password for accessing the Twitter account. On the new page, click on “Continue to Twitter.”

Twitter recovery

Click this text button in order to access your page on Twitter


 Recover Twitter Password in the Mobile App Step By Step:

As this article on our website showed, you can use Twitter not only in a web browser. In addition to that, you can also install a mobile application and access your Twitter account with that app. So, even if it happened to you to find out that you have lost the password of your Twitter account while you are away from your PC or laptop, you still can recover the password by using your smartphone. This guide will show you how to do it step by step, and you should let us know if something is unclear .

mobile twitter password recovery

Before you will be able to recover your Twitter account, you should launch this mobile app

  • In the first place, you should start the entire procedure by tapping on the Twitter icon on your smartphone.
  • After you have successfully accessed this mobile app, you will get to see a huge button that will offer you to join Twitter. Yet, you need to tap on the “Log in” text button, which you can find at the bottom of that page.

recover twitter password on mobile

You need to get to see the Twitter sign in form before actually getting an opportunity to recover your password

  • On the following page, you will get to see the sign in form that allows you to access your account on Twitter. At that point, however, you should tap the “Forgot password” text button, which can be found beneath that simple form.

how to recover password in mobile twitter app

If you want to recover your Twitter password, you have to tap on this text button

  • Now, you have just started the process of your Twitter password recovery. At first, you need to identify your Twitter account. For that purpose, you should enter either your email address or your phone number or username in the provided field. Tap on the “Search” button.

twitter password recovery on android devices

Here, you need to enter your email address, phone number, or username and find your Twitter account

  • Once your Twitter account has been found, you will get to see a page with different recovery options. Actually, there are two basic recovery options: either via an SMS message or via an email address. Select a method you wish and tap on the “Continue” button.

recover twitter password on iphone

At this point, you should choose the method which you wish to use for recovering your Twitter password

  • Depending on the recovery method you have chosen, you will receive the verification code either as an SMS message onto your phone number or in a letter to your email address.

reset twitter password

This way, you will receive a verification code onto your mobile phone number (if you have opted to do so)

  • Once you have obtained the verification code, you must enter it in the provided field and tap on the “Submit” button.

forgot twitter password

After you have entered the verification code, you should tap this button and proceed further

  • Now, you have just verified your ownership over this Twitter account. At this point, you should make up a reliable password for your account on Twitter.

forgot password from my twitter account

At this point, you should make up a reliable password for your account and enter it in these two fields

  • Once you have come up with a strong and solid password for your account, you should type that password in both fields on the next page.

twitter password help

You can also remember your account by checking this box

  • You can also make this session to be remembered in this mobile app by checking the box next to “Remember me.”

how to recover password on twitter

Now, you can tap on this button and confirm changes to the password of your Twitter account

  • Once you are done with filling out this Twitter password recovery form, you can click on the “Submit” button.

how to access my twitter account

Such a notification shows that you have succeeded to recover your password on Twitter

  • Following it, you will get to see the page with a notification that the password of your Twitter account has just been updated. At that point, you can tap on the “Continue to Twitter” button.

twitter password recovery procedure explained

Now, you can use the newly recovered password in order to log in to your account on Twitter

  • Right after that, you will get to see the Twitter sign in form again. At this point, however, you can use your username/email address/phone number and the password that you have just recovered for logging in. Keep in mind that you will have to use the newly applied password until you will change it again.


❓ Frequently Asked Questions About Twitter Password Recovery:

Q: Do I need to recover my Twitter password, if I don’t remember it but I have an active session that allows me to access my account

A: If you don’t remember the password from your Twitter account but you have an active session on your device, that means you still can access your account on Twitter. However, that also implies that you will not be able to access your Twitter account after this session expires. Therefore, we recommend you to start the process of your Twitter password recovery right now.

Q: Why I cannot enter my Twitter account, even though I enter my username and password

A: First of all, you have to ensure that you are actually entering the correct username and password – not the outdated ones. If you have found out that you are entering a wrong password and you don’t know/remember a correct one, you should use the instructions of this guide. If it appears to be a different problem and you can’t solve it on your own, we recommend you to write to the customer support of Twitter.

Q: How can I access recover the password of my Twitter account

A: As you can see from our guide, you can recover your Twitter password by carefully following our guidelines. In short, you need to start the recovery process at the log in stage, provide the details of your account (such as your phone number and/or email address) and set up a new password by using your email address or phone number. As you can see, the process is really simple and quick.

Q: I follow all your instructions, but I receive an error in the end. What should I do

A: First of all, you have to make sure that you don’t miss any important point or detail in the process. If you still face the same issue, should you contact the customer support of Twitter and describe your issue. Otherwise, you can also try to contact us and explain your problem as well.

Q: Can I recover the password of my Twitter account without having access to my mobile phone and email address

A: Even though you may not have access to your email address and mobile phone, you still can recover your Twitter password. Yet, you will have to contact the Twitter customer support for that purpose, describe your issue in detail, and await a response. It is most likely that the customer support will require further evidence from you in order to prove that the account actually belongs to you.

Q: Can I sign in to my Twitter account if I don’t remember my username on Twitter

A: Of course, you still can log in to your Twitter account, even if you don’t remember your username. Instead of typing your username in the “login” field, you can enter your email address or your phone number that is linked to your Twitter account.

Q: Is it possible to recover a password on Twitter without knowing the account’s username

A: Of course, you can easily recover the Twitter password without knowing its username. At the stage of your account identification, you will be asked to enter one of the following details: phone number, email address, or username. That means that you don’t need to know a username in order to recover your Twitter password.

Q: Do I need to recover my Twitter password if I know it but I simply want to change it

A: /In such a case, you don’t actually need to start the recovery procedure. Instead, we can recommend you to make use of this guide and simply change the password of your account.