Review of Twitter Android Apps

Apart from the Twitter app used for sharing short messages, there are a bit more of Twitter Android apps you may enjoy to use.


Twitter Android apps

Unlike Yahoo, AOL, Facebook, and Google, Twitter has developed few apps of its own

Unfortunately, Twitter has not developed as many Android applications as its main rivals, such as Facebook, which has offered a large number of apps to its users. Indeed, some internet users may think that Twitter neglects its audience, consisting mostly of people who tend to use the apps more with a smartphone than with a laptop or PC. Yet, the experience of many Twitter users shows that it is far from being so. Among Twitter Android apps, there is an application under the name Periscope, which offers an amazing feature of live streaming (see below). All in all, the apps developed by Twitter, despite their fewness, deserve not less – but maybe even more – attention from your side.

The Ultimate Experience of Using Twitter With Smartphone

Twitter apps

Indeed, there is perhaps no internet user who does not know about the Twitter Android app

Over 8.5 million downloads. Impressive? Quite, indeed. This just shows how popular is the social network for sharing short messages. The concept of Twitter lies exactly in short, brief messaging, and no other idea could as perfectly match with the use of smartphones as this one. You need just to launch the app, enter a few words, and all your friends get to know the update about your life.

Also, it has to be pointed out that, while developing its Android app, Twitter has stuck to its core idea of a simplistic design, and so you will surely face no problem in using that app. Or, if the things go wrong, you can make use of our guide, placed in this category below. All in all, no matter how many apps the company will develop in the future, this app will always remain the core one among other Twitter Android apps.

Live Video Streaming Has Never Been Easier Than This

Twitter applications

Periscope has taken the mobile app market by storm with its awesome live video streaming feature

Periscope, an app developed by Twitter, has actually revolutionized the market of video streaming. Indeed, Facebook and other companies have introduced their services of live video streaming, but Periscope is a completely new experience. With the help of this app, you can stream important events – like a grand football game or a political protest – and not solely your followers, but people from all over the world will be able to find you streaming and join to watch the video.

The basic principle of this app is to make video streaming available to everyone, and Periscope provides a really simple, user-friendly navigation. This app is a must for any Android user.

A Bit of Analytics

twitter apps android

Fabric is one of the Twitter Android apps that is created more for professional web analysts, than ordinary users of internet

Perhaps, it may seem a bit surprising or even weird, but Twitter, apart from the entertainment apps, has developed an app for web masters. Primarily, its main function was to report about app crashes, yet the app has grown over time and this app is an amazing creation for web analysts.

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