Twitter Sign Up

Before you will be able to enjoy all those features and more, you have to complete the procedure of Twitter sign up. There is, indeed, nothing that may cause problems and it takes no more than a few minutes of your precious time. Just make the steps given below.


Twitter, a social network the most distinct feature of which is sharing 140-symbol long messages, has been extremely popular in the last couple of years. More and more users tend to practice in publishing their laconic, neat, yet well-directed ideas, remarks, and comments.

Twitter Sign Up on PC Step by Step:





  • First Step. Start the Twitter sign up process by going to the social network’s website (


twitter sign up

You can see the sign in and sign up forms on the right

  • Second Step. On the website of this social network, find the Twitter sign up form, located to the right side of the webpage and right below the sign in form. Fill the form in by providing your email as well as the password of the future account, and the full name of yours. Click on the yellow “Sign up for Twitter¨ button.

This form kick starts the Twitter sign up process


  • Third Step. Sometimes, the website does not copy the data you have just provided into the next window, so perhaps you might need to type that information in, again. Namely, it is going about the full name, email, and password. So if it was not copied, complete the form (you are able to see it on the third image) once again and click on “Sign up.”


Provide some of your data in order to get registered on Twitter

  • Fourth Step. If you want to ensure that your account is secure enough, you need to have a strong password and link your account to the phone number. So in the newly opened window, you are able to provide your number, which is, however, not mandatory. According to your decision, click on either “Next” (after having provided the number) or “Skip.”


You can make your account on Twitter more secure by providing your phone number

  • Fifth Step. Actually, it is important what a username you have, if the number of followers matters for you. So, choose the username and write it in the given window. Besides, you can replace it with another username you might come up with, anytime. Then, click on “Next.”


A good point is that Twitter leaves an option of changing your username available

  • Sixth Step. You are almost done with the registration process: even though you are already able to use your Twitter account you have just created, first you need to confirm your email address. So, go to the inbox, find the letter sent by Twitter, open it, and click on the large “Confirm now” button (look at the last screenshot). Now enjoy the service of Twitter!


Finish the Twitter sign up procedure by clicking on the large blue button


How to Use the Official Mobile Application of Twitter:

Indeed, the easiest way of signing up for Twitter is doing so via a web browser. However, you can easily create an account on Twitter and use it even with your smartphone. For that, you need to install the Twitter app (from the Google Play or Apple Store) in the first place. At this point, we will uncover how to do it, and you can feel free to write in the comments if you have any questions !

install twitter on android

If you want to install the Twitter mobile application onto your smartphone, you should find it in the market app in the first place

  • In the first place, you have to find the icon of Apple Store or Google Play on your smartphone and tap on it. That will run the market app on your phone.

install twitter on iphone

Now, you can tap this button and start installing the Twitter app onto your smartphone

  • Once you have launched that application, you should type the “Twitter” word in the search field of that app.

how to get twitter app on android

As you can see, the process of app downloading has just started

  • Right after that, you will notice that the top result features the logo of Twitter – you have to tap on that line.

how to get twitter app on iphone

This notification shows that the app is being installed onto your phone

  • Now, you have just been redirected to the page of the official Twitter application. There, you need to tap on the “INSTALL” button and start the process of the application downloading.

twitter app installation basics

If you want to access the official application of Twitter, you can do it even right from this page

  • Once you have got to see such buttons like “UNINSTALL” and “OPEN” on that page, that means that you have successfully installed this application onto your smartphone. Now, you can use Twitter on your smartphone with a way greater convenience.


Sign Up for Twitter in the Official Mobile App:

If you have installed the official mobile app of Twitter onto your smartphone but you don’t have an account yet, that’s definitely not a problem. You can start the sign up process on Twitter right in the mobile app of it. This part of our article will guide you through this process, and you should let us know in the comments whether everything runs smoothly for you !

sign up for

You can easily sign up for Twitter through its app, and you should start the process by tapping on this button

  • So, you should start by finding the icon of the Twitter app on your smartphone and tapping on it – that will launch this mobile application. sign up

Here, you will be asked to specify a username for your account and your email address

  • Then, you will get to see the main page of that app. In the center of the page, there will be a huge “Get started” button – you have to tap that button and proceed further.

guide to signing up for twitter

You can proceed further with the registration process by tapping this button

  • On the next page, you will be asked to specify the username for your future Twitter account in the first field. Then, you have to enter a valid email address in the second field and tap on the “Next” button.

guide to registration on twitter

After setting up a password for your Twitter account, you can tap this button and continue with the registration procedure

  • Following it, you will get to see the page with your username and email address again. There, you should tap the “Sign up” button.

twitter sign up process step by step

If you tap on this text button, you will rather opt not to synchronize your contacts (and we recommend you not to do it at first)

  • Right after doing so, you will be redirected to the page where you can set up a password for your account. At that point, you have to make up a reliable password and enter it in the provided field. Then, you should tap the “Next” button again.

sign up for twitter in mobile app

After selecting your top interests at this point, you can tap on this button and proceed further

  • Now, you are almost done with signing up for Twitter. There are a few things to configure left. At this point, you can choose whether you want to synchronize your contacts – you should tap the “Not now” text button if you don’t want to synchronize the contacts at the present moment.

twitter mobile app sign up

You are able to skip following anyone by tapping on this text button

  • On the next page, you will be offered to select your primary interests on Twitter. There, you should select the categories you like and proceed further by tapping on the “Next” button.
  • The following page will offer you to become a follower of some pages and personalities – depending on the interests you have selected. At that point, however, we recommend you to tap the “Skip for now” text button and not to become anyone’s follower yet.

how to use twitter app for registration

Once you have got to see such a window, that implies that you have successfully created an account on Twitter by simply using its app

  • Immediately after that, you will be redirected to the page of your account, and this implies that you have succeeded to sign up for Twitter. Once you have done that, you can start setting up your account on Twitter, including adding your profile picture, a short biography, and a website. Enjoy!


❓ Frequently Asked Questions About the Twitter Sign Up Process:

Q: Is anyone able to sign up for Twitter or you need to meet specific criteria

A: Absolutely any person is able to use the services of Twitter, and you don’t have to meet any criteria. However, you should also keep in mind that you have to stick to the rules of Twitter – or you will be punished otherwise.

Q: How can I sign up for Twitter quickly and easily

A: This company has done its best in order to ensure that the registration process tends to be as simple and convenient as possible. Additionally, our guide will provide you with exact instructions regarding this sign up process, and you should simply stick to our instructions. If you do it, you can be sure that the registration process will not take more than a couple of minutes of your time.

Q: I tried to create an account on Twitter, but still can’t finish the registration process. What should I do

A: In the first place, you have to make sure that you carefully and attentively follow all our guidelines. Also, you should be sure that you don’t miss any important detail or step and try again. If you still can’t create an account on Twitter due to the same problem, we can recommend you to contact either the customer support of Twitter or describe your issue to us.

Q: I have just signed up for Twitter, but my account has been immediately blocked. What happened

A: As you could, perhaps, read in the notification from Twitter, it might have happened because you refused to provide your mobile phone number. Instead, you have opted to specify your email address. It is still a mystery what are the criteria for users to get banned, but some users who don’t specify their phone numbers avoid this fate.

Q: Is providing a mobile phone number obligatory during the registration process on Twitter

A: Theorically, you can sign up for Twitter without a need to provide your mobile phone number. In reality, it turns out that Twitter often bans new users who have refused to provide their phone numbers. Thus, we can only recommend you to register with a mobile phone number in order to make sure that everything goes okay.

Q: Should I necessarily start setting up my Twitter account right after getting registered

A: After you have signed up for Twitter, you are free to do whatever you want. You can even leave your profile blank and not to set up anything, but you shouldn’t expect a lot of interest in you from other users in such a case.


After it, you might need to get to know how to sign in to Twitter easily. Also, you may find the Create Account Twitter page useful too.