A New Twitter Threads Feature Has Been Rolled Out

Even though this feature (the name of which renamed unknown, though) was spotted during testing a couple of months ago, now it became an official policy of the company, as the update is rolled out. Now, the company recognizes tweetstorms with its Twitter threads feature, as the company calls it.


The newly rolled out feature allows the users to bound tweets by clicking on a newly added “+” button, which is available in the composer of tweets. In particular, the following explanation was spotted in the company’s blog post: “A couple of weeks ago, we decided to expand the character count in tweets, which could be useful if people would feel easier with composing a thought in one tweet. Now, however, we rolled out a new Twitter threads feature, which allows the users to post a longer thought or story, or just to serialize the tweets on a particular topic and make browsing them comfortable.”

The recently implemented feature works in the following way: when you post a threads tweet, this tweet, along from two other tweets from the thread, will appear in a timeline as usual. Then, however, your followers will have to click on the “show this thread” in order to see all the tweets from that thread.

Twitter Threads Feature

The new Twitter threads feature is just the satisfaction of the users’ needs by the company

In its blog post, the company also admitted that this is just another feature that was created by the users of Twitter. Among others, there are such features like hashtags, the “@” mention, and retweeting. In a similar form, the threads have been known since a long time ago. First such thread tweets that linked to the originating tweets appeared in 2014. Later, Marc Andreessen, a venture capitalist, started to thread a way too passionately, and so he received a nickname “the father of tweetstorm” for his actions. Later, tweetstorms were used for discussing particularly important events, such as the 2016 elections in the United States.

The company also acknowledged that the need for such a feature was obvious, as users posted hundreds of thousands of such tweetstorms per day. Moreover, third-party apps that allowed threading tweets have been available since 2008!

Here you have got the instructions on how to take advantage of the new Twitter threads feature. First of all, start writing an ordinary tweet you want to start with. Then, click the “+” button, located in the right-lower corner. After that, the composer will provide you with a space where you can add 280 characters more. Once you are done, click on the “Tweet” button. Following it, the entire thread will be published. In order to update a thread, you need to click on the “add another tweet” button, located under the thread.

Even though this feature has both its advocates and opponents, it seems to be a good sign that Twitter responds to the needs of users. In the meantime, we also suggest you to have a look at our guide for managing Twitter data.