Twitter Tips for Small Business Owners

Social media are a great tool for small business owners, who want to popularize their products or services. There is only one requirement yet – one has to know how to use such tools properly. This article of ours contains the top Twitter tips for the owners of small businesses, and these tips will definitely help you to get started on this social network successfully.


Twitter: This Very Moment in Focus

When it comes to such a social network like Facebook, it becomes obvious why many business owners love it – this social network is perfect for communicating with followers, offering advice, and providing information. Even though Twitter can be used for the same purposes, there is one aspect to keep in mind: Twitter is all about now.

Twitter Tips for Small Business Owners

Our Twitter tips for small business owners will help to achieve a far greater success in promoting your content

That, among other Twitter tips for small business owners, means that Twitter is a platform that tends to be perfectly suitable for posting breaking news, urgent updates, and overall frequent posting (see below).

Publish Often

This recommendation would be suitable for any social network, but especially Twitter. In order to gain more followers and enjoy a better exposure, you need to publish original content on Twitter as often as possible. Retweeting other interesting tweets may be a good idea as well. The ever-changing algorithms of Twitter caused the fact that your week-old tweets get easily abandoned. If your content is worthy enough, post it at least 2-3 times per week.

Learn About Twitter

In order to be successful in promoting your page on a particular social network, you have to understand it. You should learn about Twitter as much as possible. For instance, you can begin with a very useful page from Twitter, which links to particularly valuable resources. This tip is often overlooked or neglected (like a manual when purchasing a new device), but this step is crucial in succeeding on Twitter.

Make a Customer Support Channel out of Your Twitter Account

If you are doing everything right, your followers on Twitter will become your customers sooner or later. Be ready to answer them to their questions regarding your products, provide help and recommendations. Try to send a response as soon as possible. In a research carried out by Lithium Technologies, it was found that such users tend to receive an answer within an hour. Otherwise, they would complain about a particular brand to others. Keep it in mind.

Relevance Is Crucial

After Twitter has changed its algorithm, all the posts are displayed to Twitter users according to the relevance of those posts. Instead of seeing tweets in a chronological order, users get to see the tweets that match their interests. That makes it particularly useful for the owners of small businesses, who can pretty easily reach their audience. In order to take advantage of it, follow the next steps:

  • Prove that you are an expert in your area.
  • Enhance your brand.
  • Build a solid base of followers.
  • Write and share top-notch content.
  • Retweet high-quality content from influencers and industry news.