Twitter Username Can Be Up to 50 Characters Long

While everyone praised an important update by Twitter of allowing the messages up to 280 symbols long (actually, doubling the size of the messages), another update has been left mostly without attention. But this update is not less important, as the Twitter username can be up to 50 characters long nowadays. Indeed, this rollout may be far less controversial than the expansion of the symbols in the messages, but it tends to be an important issue for the users who want to use emojis or witty statements to their usernames.


As the Twitter username can be a more prolonged one, there has been made no update in regards to how to change the Twitter username. The company emphasized this aspect in a blog post, dispelling the fears of some users who thought that they wouldn’t be able to change their usernames with ease anymore. You still can change your username in the account settings of your account in a pretty similar way as you could do before.

The company also tweeted that this gives the users an opportunity to add the middle names, as previously many users weren’t able to do so. However, many influencers on Twitter have criticized this move of the company. They pointed out that, unfortunately, Twitter prefers to focus on cosmetic changes than handling really important issues, such as abuse that takes place on the platform.

Twitter Username Can Be Up to 50 Characters Long

Since a Twitter username can be up to 50 characters long now, many users have taken advantage of it and changed their names to more attractive ones

Previously, the company laissez-faire attitude towards trolls and harassment caused a genuine outrage among the users. That has even led to the fact that one employee from Twitter during the last day of his in the company blocked the account of President Donald Trump – this was his “goodbye.” And even though the account was restored just 11 minutes after being blocked, numerous reports suggest that this action has received wide, yet hidden support from the employees at Twitter.

At the same time, however, it cannot be said that Twitter doesn’t attempt to fight improper behavior. In particular, Twitter even assessed the offline behavior of users, which caused controversy among the audience (read the news here). After all, this cosmetic change may seem not important, but not less needed because of it. A notable share of users thanked the company for this update.

And while a large number of users think that this update is pretty meaningless as they consider that long usernames are not that much attractive anyway, there have been many users who greeted the update. Now, users who weren’t lucky to reserve a good username can change it for a good, witty phrase or use some symbols they couldn’t use before.

Apart from this rollout, Twitter has also launched the tweetstorms feature, which allows to compound tweets in threads for a better and more convenient browsing (read it on this page).