How to Delete Chats in Viber

There are many useful features that you have to know how to use in Viber. But, perhaps, one has definitely to mention an ability to delete chats as one of the most important ones. It is not a secret that sometimes you may have a need to hide something or not to let someone see … Read more

How to Make Backup in Viber

If the data you have on your Viber account is precious for you, we recommend you to carry out backups from time to time. This step-by-step guide will not only demonstrate you how to make backup in Viber, but will also show you how to schedule regular automatic backups. You have just to follow the … Read more

How to Configure General Viber Settings

If you have signed up for Viber only recently and didn’t have much time to use it before, there are quite many things you may consider worth configuring. In particular, you should definitely configure general Viber settings before starting to use this messenger. Actually, this guide will demonstrate you how to configure that section of … Read more

How to Open a Secret Chat in Viber

Same as Telegram, Viber also offers its users an ability to open secret chats. Actually, secret chats can boast to have a higher level of security and privacy, as well they may be far more comfortable for using. So creating secret chats from time to time may be quite a good idea. Thus, if you … Read more

How to Make Calls on Viber

One of the first and foremost reasons why the majority of people install such messengers like Viber is an ability to call to the others. Indeed, Viber also appears to support both video and audio calls, and that is something really comforting about this messenger. Moreover, anyone is able to carry out calls from Viber … Read more