How to Configure General Viber Settings

If you have signed up for Viber only recently and didn’t have much time to use it before, there are quite many things you may consider worth configuring. In particular, you should definitely configure general Viber settings before starting to use this messenger. Actually, this guide will demonstrate you how to configure that section of your Viber account’s settings step by step, so you will face no difficulties with that.


how to configure general viber settings

The first step of yours must be finding this app icon on your smartphone and tapping on it

  • Before you will configure the general settings of your Viber account, you should find the icon of this application on your smartphone and tap on it.

how to configure general settings in viber

You need to tap on this menu icon and call a menu in order to proceed further

  • Once you have successfully launched the app, you will get to see the page of your chats in Viber. There, you need to tap on the menu button, which is located in the left-upper corner.

how to adjust general viber settings

You will be able to configure general Viber settings after accessing the page of your Viber account’s settings

  • Following it, you will get to see a pop-up menu, where you have to select “Settings.”

how to adjust general settings in viber

If you wish to configure general Viber settings, you need to tap on this section of the settings in order to access it

  • After you have accessed the page of your Viber account’s settings, you should tap on the “General” section there.

how to arrange general viber settings

In the first place, you can opt to choose to display your Viber client in English correctly

  • Now, you have just got to see the page where can configure the general settings of your Viber account. At first, let’s have a look at the first five features:

Show Viber status icon. This feature allows you to see your status in Viber, which is quite useful. You may consider enabling it.

Show all contacts. You may opt not to see all the contacts, but we recommend keeping this feature enabled.

how to arrange general settings in viber

You can also change the Wi-Fi policy of your Viber account, which may be quite an important aspect of using this app

Sync contacts. Similar to the previous feature, we recommend to keep your contacts synchronized.

Display Viber in English. If you have English as your device’s language, you don’t need it.

Open links internally. This a highly useful feature that we recommend to enable. It will allow you to open links in the Viber browser.

  • Following it, you can tap on the “Wi-Fi – sleep policy.”

how to manage general viber settings

You can choose to have a Wi-Fi sleep policy corresponding with the device’s policy, instead of having Wi-Fi constantly turned on

  • Then, we recommend you to choose “Use device’s settings” instead of “Always connected.” Once you have done it, tap on the “Continue button.”

how to manage general settings in viber

After all, you can restore default settings of Viber anytime

  • Among the useful features that you may need someday, there is the last option: “Restore Viber default.” If you will ever have a need to use the default settings of Viber, you should access this section and tap on that option.

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