How to Delete Chats in Viber

There are many useful features that you have to know how to use in Viber. But, perhaps, one has definitely to mention an ability to delete chats as one of the most important ones. It is not a secret that sometimes you may have a need to hide something or not to let someone see something. The best way for doing it appears to be deleting chats occasionally. This article will show you how to delete chats in Viber step by step, so you will not be bothered with this matter. This procedure is really simple and does not require more than 30 seconds of your time.


  • In the first place, you should begin the entire procedure by finding the icon of the Viber app on your smartphone and tapping on it. That will let you launch the Viber mobile app.

how to delete chats in viber

There is nothing difficult to do when you want to delete chats in Viber, yet you have to launch this mobile application in the first place

  • Once you have successfully entered this mobile app, you will immediately get to see the page of chats. That’s the place where you can delete chats in Viber.

how to delete viber chats

In order to delete chats in Viber, you should tap and hold over a particular chat you want to delete in this messenger

  • In order to delete a chat in Viber, you should simply tap on a specific chat and hold it till the moment when you will actually get to see a small pop-up menu.

how to remove chats in viber

As you can see, you are able not only to delete this chat, but also pin it to the top or hide the chat

  • There will be three options in that pop-up menu: Delete chat, Pin to top, and Hide chat.
  • If you tap on the “Hid chat” option, the chat will solely be hidden in such a case. But a user may later access the settings and restore the chat (and that’s really easy to do).
  • If you tap on the “Pin to top” option, that implies that the chat will always be displayed first in the tab of your Viber chats – even if there were sent no messages recently.

how to remove viber chats

This image shows that the previous chat has been deleted and you will not get to see those messages ever again

  • After all, you can tap on the “Delete chat” and you will get what you were seeking. That implies that all the messages and media from that will be deleted. You won’t be able to recover those messages and media, unless you have previously made a backup.

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