How to Make Calls on Viber

One of the first and foremost reasons why the majority of people install such messengers like Viber is an ability to call to the others. Indeed, Viber also appears to support both video and audio calls, and that is something really comforting about this messenger. Moreover, anyone is able to carry out calls from Viber with ease. This guide will show you how to make calls on Viber step by step. The entire process is really simple and all what is needed from your side is to follow the instructions, provided on this page.


how to make calls on viber

The first thing you should do before getting an ability to make calls on Viber is accessing this app

  • In order to log in to your Viber account, you should find the icon of this app on your smartphone and tap on it.

how to make viber calls

If you want to make calls on Viber, you should select a contact whom you want to call in this messenger

  • After you have successfully launched the Viber app, you will get to see the page of your Viber chats. At the top, you will get to see three tabs: Chats, Contacts, and Calls. You need to switch to the “Contacts” tab by simply tapping on it.

how to call on viber

At this point, you have to select whom you want to call in Viber

  • Once you have done that, you will get to see the page with your contact list. Now, you have to select whom you want to call in Viber. You can do it simply by tapping on the name of that contact.

how to call in viber

In order to make an audio call in Viber, you should tap on this button

  • Following it, you will access the page of that contact. There, you will get to see two large buttons: Free Call and Free Message. If you tap on the “Free Call” button, you will start an audio call to that person.

how to make viber calls with ease

As you can observe, an audio call in Viber has just started

  • Below these two buttons, there are several other options. The first one is called Free Video Call. Actually, it allows you to make video calls from one Viber user to another (same way like in Skype).

viber calls

You will notice that a notification about that call has also appeared in the chat history

  • The line beneath that feature contains the feature called Viber Out Call. It implies that you make a call from your Viber onto the phone number of that person. So, for this type of calls you should have credits (or money that you have charged for your Viber account).

viber calling

Apart from audio calls, you can also make video calls on Viber without a problem

  • After all, once you have decided which type of call you want to make, you should simply tap on an appropriate button. You will notice that the call will start in a moment.

If you still haven’t joined Viber, you can find out how to register and install Viber with the help of these instructions.