How to Send Broadcast Messages in Viber

In a pretty similar way as WhatsApp does, Viber allows its users to create broadcast lists and send similar messages to a large number of users. Actually, the feature of broadcasts allows you to send messages to many users at the same time without having to copy the same message many times. If you want to take advantage of this highly comfortable feature, we recommend you to stick to the guidelines in this article, which will demonstrate you how to send broadcast messages in Viber.


How to Send Broadcast Messages in Viber

Before you will be able to send broadcast messages in Viber, you should tap on this icon in the first place

  • In the first place, you should tap on the Viber app icon in order to launch this application.

how to send viber broadcast messages

Tapping on this button will allow you to send broadcast messages in Viber

  • Once you have launched the Viber mobile app, you will get to see the page with your Viber chats. In the right-bottom part of the page, you will get to see the “Message” button. You have to tap on that button.

how to start viber broadcasting

Before you will be able to start broadcasting in Viber, you should create a new broadcast list

  • On the following page, you will have to tap on the “NEW BROADCAST LIST” text button, placed at the top.

how to start broadcasting in viber

At this point, you will have to add the users to whom you want to broadcast messages

  • Following it, you will get to see the page of your contacts. At that point, you should select the users (by tapping on them) whom you want to add to your broadcast list.

how to broadcast in viber

Once you have selected all the users you wanted, you should tap on this button

  • Once you are done with selecting users, you should tap on the “OK” button, placed in the right-upper corner.

what are viber broadcasts

At this point, you can observe that a new broadcast list has been created and you can start broadcasting

  • Immediately after that, you will notice that the broadcast list has just been created.
  • Before you will start using your newly created broadcast list, we recommend you to fix it a bit. Namely, swipe the window to the left.

how to configure viber broadcasting

You can also manage your broadcast list and name it the way you want (as well as to add participants)

  • On the page of the broadcast list’s settings you have got to see, you should tap on the “Broadcast list” text writing.
  • Now, you should specify the list’s name in the given field and, after that, you have to tap on the “SAVE” text button.

how to configure viber broadcasts

Once you are ready to start broadcasting, you can type a message and tap on this “Send” button

  • Now, you can start using your broadcast list. Send a message in this list and everyone will receive it. Keep in mind that only you are able to write messages in broadcasts (i.e. the person who has created a broadcast list).

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