How to Adjust VK Privacy Settings

Unlike many social networks, VK, one of the most popular social networks in the world, offers really great opportunities for configuring the privacy of your VK account. On VK, you are literally able to configure the privacy of your account the way you want. Our step-by-step guide will show you how to adjust VK privacy settings in details, so you will know how to limit the unnecessary and unwanted attention from the side of other users.


How to Adjust VK Privacy Settings

Before you will get to adjust VK privacy settings, you should sign in to your account

  • In order to configure your VK privacy settings, you need to open your browser and access the VK website in the first place:

configure vk privacy settings

Check this box and confirm that you are a human

  • On the VK website, you will notice two forms, located in the right part of the page. The upper form is the sign in one, and you have to use it in order to log in to your account.

set up vk privacy settings

In the right-upper part of the page, you need to click on your profile photo

  • In order to sign in to your VK account, you need to type your email address or phone number in the first field of that form. In the second field, you should type your password in. Then, click on the “Log in” button.

change vk privacy settings

In this pop-up menu, you should select the “Settings” menu item

  • After that, you will be asked to prove that you are not a robot. Just check the box and proceed further.

adjust privacy settings on vk

On the page of your account’s settings, you need to go to the “Privacy section” of the settings

  • Once you have accessed your account, you need to click on your profile photo at the top of the page (look at the screenshot). That will trigger a pop-up menu, in which you should select “Settings.”

configure privacy settings on vk

The scope that is given in this social network to adjust VK privacy settings is immense

  • After doing so, you will access the page of your VK settings. In the right side of that page, you will notice the menu of settings. There, you should click on “Privacy.”

change privacy settings on vk

Also, specify your privacy settings here as well

  • Immediately after that, you get to see the page of your account’s privacy settings in VK. There is really an abundance of settings. The entire page consists of the following sections: my profile, my posts, who can contact me, and other.

set up privacy settings on vk

If you want to see how other users see your VK profile, you need to click on this text button

  • In order to change a setting you want (for example, “Who can view my gifts”), just click on its configuration (“All users” by default), and set the configuration you wish (“Only me,” for example).
  • This way, you should configure every privacy setting you want. At the end, you don’t need to save anything – it will be saved automatically.
  • You can also view how other users see your profile by clicking on the “check how others see your profile” text button, placed at the bottom of the privacy settings page.