How to Create WhatsApp Chat Shortcuts

As it has already been mentioned in other articles in this section, WhatsApp is the most popular messenger in the world and can boast the audience of over 1 billion users. So, the chances are that there are many friends and colleagues of yours who use this messenger. Thus, you may consider to create WhatsApp … Read more

How to Block Users on WhatsApp

Online realm brings not only benefits. Some users tend to be prone to online harassing and abuse, and the best way of protecting yourself online is blocking the ones who try to affect you. WhatsApp, naturally as any other serious online service, allows users to block each other. So, if you need to block users … Read more

How to Minimize Data Usage on WhatsApp

Typically, WhatsApp doesn’t consume a lot of data (though, it tends to consume much more data than Telegram), yet, if you are abroad, your data may be extremely limited. Fortunately, WhatsApp has provided all of its users with a feature that allows them to save data extremely well while using WhatsApp for phone calls. Even … Read more

How to Configure WhatsApp Message Notifications

WhatsApp is an app that, like Telegram, allows you to configure all types of notifications. While the guides for how to configure ringtones and group notifications were published in this section before, this time we will uncover how to configure WhatsApp message notifications. This will allow you to make such notifications look more customized and … Read more

How to Use WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp has a lot of interesting features, but the feature of WhatsApp status is not something unique. WhatsApp status allows you to post a photo which may be seen by your friends within 24 hours – once that period of time after the posting passes, the photo disappears. Actually, this feature somewhat reminds the stories … Read more