How to Change Name on WhatsApp

If you have already signed up for WhatsApp and are using this service for a certain period of time, you might have a wish to change a name that you have specified while getting registered on that service. Considering that your name is displayed by default to all the contacts, that may be a good idea. This in-depth article will guide you through this process of renaming and will display how to change name on WhatsApp with images and step by step. Thus, the only thing that is required from you is a minute of your time, and you can easily change your name in this messenger.


how to change name on whatsapp

It tends to be fairly easy to change name on WhatsApp, but the first step of yours must be launching this messenger

  • First of all, you need to run the application on your phone. In order to do that, you should find the WhatsApp icon on your phone and tap on it.

how to change whatsapp name

Then, you will have to click on this button in order to call a menu of settings

  • After launching the messenger’s application, you will get to see the page of your chats. However, you need to call a pop-up menu of settings, and that can be done by tapping on the button placed in the right-upper corner. Do it.

how to alter name on whatsapp

If you click on this menu item, you will get to see the page of settings where your actual name will be displayed

  • In the pop-up menu that you have just called, you need to tap on the “Settings” menu item.

how to alter whatsapp name

Click on this profile icon in order to change name on WhatsApp

  • Since you have accessed the page of your account’s settings, you should tap on your profile photo and name, both of which are located at the top of the settings page.

how to apply new name on whatsapp

If you wish to change name on WhatsApp, you have just to click on this “Edit” button

  • Now, you have just accessed the page where you can change your name on WhatsApp. You will see your current name displayed right under your profile photo. You can change that name by tapping on the “Edit” button, which is placed to the right side of that field.

how to apply new whatsapp name

Type a new name of yours on WhatsApp in the given field (you can use emojis as well) and click on this text button

  • Once you have done that action, tap a new name in the given field (besides, you can also use emojis!). After you have configured a new name of yours that you want to apply, you should give a click to the “OK” button.

how to use new whatsapp name

Eventually, you will notice that WhatsApp name has been changed

  • Immediately after that, you will get to see the page of your account’s settings once again. This time, however, you will notice that it features a new name – that implies that your name has just been changed.

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