How to Change WhatsApp Mobile Number

As it was previously mentioned, your WhatsApp account is linked to your mobile number. But what if you have to change it? Or, even more, what if you lost your mobile number? This step-by-step guide will disclose how to change WhatsApp mobile number in detail and with images. Thus, you need just to follow the instructions provided in this article, and all what is required from you is a couple of minutes of the free time. Enjoy!


how to change whatsapp mobile number

If you wish to learn how to change WhatsApp mobile number, click on this icon and proceed to the guide below

  • Before you will get to change WhatsApp mobile number, you need to find the application’s icon on your smartphone and run the app by tapping on it.

how to change mobile number on whatsapp

Tap on this button in order to call a menu of the application and proceed further

  • Then, you will get to see the app’s page with your chats and conversations. You need to tap on the button that is located in the right-upper corner.

how to use new whatsapp mobile number

Give a click to this menu option and access your account’s page of settings

  • That action of yours will call a pop-up menu, in which you should select the “Settings” menu item.

how to use new mobile number on whatsapp

You will be able to change WhatsApp mobile number of yours if you access this section of your account’s settings

  • Once you have got to see the page of your WhatsApp account’s settings, you need to click on your profile photo, which is placed at the very top.

how to utilize new whatsapp mobile number

In order to change WhatsApp mobile number, click on the actual mobile number and proceed further

  • After doing that, you will see the page where you can set up a new mobile number for your WhatsApp account. You need to click on your current mobile number, displayed at the bottom.

how to utilize new mobile number on whatsapp

If you wish to start the process of changing the number, click on this button

  • On the following page, you will have to click on the “NEXT” button, which is placed in the right-upper corner of the screen.

how to alter whatsapp mobile number

You need to enter the old mobile number in the first field and the new mobile number in the second field

  • On the next page, you will see two fields. In the first field, you should type your previous (or still current) mobile number, while the new mobile number should be typed in the second field. Once you are done with that, you should click on the “DONE” button, which is also placed in the right-upper corner.

how to alter mobile number on whatsapp

You will have to enter a code from an SMS message that will be sent to your new mobile number

  • Then, you will receive an SMS message with a verification code onto your new mobile number. Type that code in the field on the next page.

how to link your whatsapp account to another mobile number

Right after confirming the verification, you will notice that your WhatsApp mobile number has changed

  • After you have typed that code in the provided field, you will get a notification that your phone number has been successfully changed.

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