How to Configure Important Details on WhatsApp

There are some things many users consider insignificant for configuring on WhatsApp, yet they can also be quite important for other users. This step-by-step guide will show how to configure important details on WhatsApp. For example, you will be able to make the text size of the messages larger or smaller. Besides, you will also learn about the “About” section on WhatsApp, which tends to be quite useful as well. All in all, follow the guidelines and configure these settings as well!


How to Configure Important Details on WhatsApp

There are important things you have to configure on WhatsApp as well, and one of them is the size of the text

  • Before you will get to configure important details on WhatsApp, you need to launch the application on your smartphone. For that, you need to find and tap on its icon.

how to configure whatsapp settings

In order to proceed further, tap on this button

  • Once you have accessed the app, you need to click on the menu button. That button is placed in the right-upper corner.

how to configure settings on whatsapp

You can configure important details on WhatsApp by accessing your account’s page of settings

  • After you have prompted a menu of settings, you need to tap on “Settings” there as well.

how to arrange whatsapp settings

You can get to configure important details on WhatsApp by going here

  • Following that action, you will get to see the page with your account’s settings. First of all, you should click on the icon of your profile photo.

how to arrange settings on whatsapp

The first important thing you can edit in your WhatsApp account is “About”

  • On the next page, you will be able to configure your “About.” “About” is actually a feature that shows whether you are available, what you are doing, etc. It is located right above your phone number – click on it.

how to adjust whatsapp settings

Actually, it is something similar to a status in some messengers

  • On this page, you are able to set up your own “About.” At the top of that page, you will get to see what is your current “About”, while you will see various options below. You need just to select your “About” by tapping on it.

how to adjust settings on whatsapp

The other important details can be configured on this page of the settings of your WhatsApp account

  • Get back to the menu of your account’s settings. There, tap on “Chats.”

how to change text size on whatsapp

If you click here, you will be able to change the text size of all the messages

  • Here, you can manage two important settings as well: Enter is send and font size (both are located at the top). Enter is send is a feature that allows you to send messages by tapping on “Enter.” You can disable it by tapping on the box next to it.

how to change whatsapp text size

You can make it both smaller and larger – you need just to click on an option that suits you

  • Click on the font size. Unfortunately, you have only three options here (not like in Telegram): small, middle and large text size. Choose the one that suits you best.

useful whatsapp settings

You can also disable the “Enter is send” feature

You can also get to know how to change the mobile number on WhatsApp.