How to Configure WhatsApp Message Notifications

WhatsApp is an app that, like Telegram, allows you to configure all types of notifications. While the guides for how to configure ringtones and group notifications were published in this section before, this time we will uncover how to configure WhatsApp message notifications. This will allow you to make such notifications look more customized and may be far better recognized by you. Thus, if you want to configure these settings, follow the guidelines published in this article.


How to Configure WhatsApp Message Notifications

Message notifications are an important thing to configure, as they will be coming to your smartphone all the time

  • Before you will get to configure WhatsApp message notifications, you need to find the icon of this app on your smartphone. After doing that, tap on that icon and launch the application.

how to configure message notifications on whatsapp

You can easily configure WhatsApp message notifications, yet you need to start with accessing the menu in the first place

  • Following that action, you will notice that the app has been launched and, thus, you will observe the page of conversations. In the right-upper corner of that page, there is the menu button, and you have to click on it.

how to manage whatsapp mesasge notifications

Click on this menu item in order to proceed further and configure WhatsApp message notifications

  • In the pop-up menu that you have just prompted, you should tap on “Settings.”

how to manage message notifications on whatsapp

You can apply new configurations of WhatsApp message notifications in this section of the settings

  • Once you have accessed the page of the settings of your WhatsApp account, you need to go to the “Notifications” section of it.

how to arrange message notifications on whatsapp

The first thing you should configure in WhatsApp message notifications is the ringtone

  • Now, this page allows you to configure all types of notifications, including message notifications. They are located at the top, so you can start configuring right away. Tap on “Notification tone” in the first place.

how to arrange whatsapp message notifications

In order to listen to ringtone you need to click on its name, while you need to click on “Apply” in order to set it for your notifications

  • Now, you can choose a sound for private message notifications. Tap on the name of a sound in order to listen to it. Click on the “Apply” button in order to apply the sound. After tapping on the “Apply” button, you should confirm it by clicking on “OK.”

how to adjust whatsapp message notifications

Here you can set up a vibration for message notifications

  • Then, tap on “Vibrate.” Here, you can choose one of the following settings for vibration: long, short, default (by default), and off.

Homehow to adjust message notifications on whatsapp

You can also opt to show popup notifications, but it may be quite annoying

  • Then, you can configure popup notifications (but they are not very comfortable): no popup (by default), only when screen “on,” only when screen “off,” and always show popup. Simply tap on the option you prefer.

how to apply whatsapp message notifications settings

After all, you can specify what light the message notifications will have – that will help you differentiate between various notifications (groups, chats, etc.)

  • At the end, you can specify the light of the notifications out of 8 options. You can also do it simply by tapping on the suitable option.

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