How to Create WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp (in a way Telegram does) offers its users an ability to create groups. Groups are a place where the users of messengers where communicate between each other in groups, not one by one. Besides, everyone who is present in group is entitled to send messages – this is different from broadcasting on WhatsApp, whereas only a broadcast creator is able to send messages. This in-depth article will guide you through the aspects of this feature and will demonstrate you how to create WhatsApp group in a pretty quick way.


How to Create WhatsApp Group

Launch the WhatsApp application in order to create a group in this messenger

  • You can start the entire procedure by finding the icon of this application on your smartphone. Then, tap on it in order to run the app.

how to create group on whatsapp

Once you have triggered a menu in the right-upper corner, you can tap on this option

  • After you have accessed the app, you should click on the button, placed in the right-upper corner. That will call a menu of settings in the application.

how to make whatsapp group

After selecting participants of the group, you can proceed further

  • In the pop-up menu, you should give a click to the “New group” option.

how to make group on whatsapp

Once you have added all the people you wanted to the group, you can click here and move further

  • On the next page, you will be able to create a new group on WhatsApp. There, you will be asked to select the users whom you want to the group. You can do it simply by clicking on his or her name.

how to establish whatsapp group

You can specify not only the name of the group, but also to add emojis and a picture

  • Once you have selected all the users whom you wanted to add to the group, you can click on the “OK” button, located in the right-bottom corner.

how to establish group on whatsapp

Once you have configured the settings of a group, you can create WhatsApp group by clicking on this button

  • After it, you will be able to adjust some settings of the group. On the following page, you will be able to type a name of the group in the provided field. You can also add emojis by clicking on their button nearby!

how to use whatsapp group

In order to change the settings of this group, you can prompt a menu by clicking here

  • Click on the photo icon in order to add an image to the group.

how to use group on whatsapp

The settings of the group can be accessed on this page

  • Once you have added everything, click on the “OK” button, placed right above the list of the participants.
  • After you have created a group, you can also edit it. Click on the menu button, placed in the right-upper corner.
  • There, you should click on the “Group info.”

how to utilize whatsapp group

You can add participants, invite them by sending a link to the group, or exit the group at all

  • Once you have got to see the page of the settings the group, you can add participants (tap on “Add participants”), invite others (tap on “Invite via link”), or even exit the group.
  • Tap on “Exit group” in order to leave it.

how to utilize group on whatsapp

Once you have exited a group, you will be able to delete it right away

  • In the popup window, you can opt whether to leave the group (tap on “Exit”) or just mute the notifications from the group (tap on “Mute instead”). This way, you can easily create WhatsApp group.

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