How to Make Calls on WhatsApp

WhatsApp tends to be the most popular messenger in the world, being able to boast the audience larger than 1 billion users. Considering that so many people use this messenger, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are many useful and important features. This step-by-step guide of ours will reveal how to make calls on WhatsApp (including video calls) with ease.


While an entire period of the internet was once associated with Skype and its ability to make video calls, that service of Microsoft seems to be quite outdated nowadays. Not so long ago, WhatsApp has also introduced the availability of video calls, which made this service even more popular. Besides, the feature of video calls is also present in Facebook’s Messenger. So, if you want to learn how to make video or audio calls on WhatsApp, follow the guidelines provided in this article.

How to Make Calls on WhatsApp

You can easily make calls on WhatsApp, but in order to do that you obviously need to launch the app in the first place

  • One way or another, but you need to start the entire process by finding the icon of WhatsApp on your smartphone. Once you have done it, tap on that icon.

how to make whatsapp calls

Among your contacts, select a person whom you want to call simply by clicking on a chat with him or her

  • Then, you will get to see the WhatsApp’s page of your chats. There, you need to click on the chat with a user whom you want to call.
  • Once you have opened a chat with a user you are going to call, you should pay attention to a bar located next to the user’s name and status. The button that is located to the right is the button of the settings menu.

how to call on whatsapp

Once you click on this icon, you will immediately start a phone call with that person

  • You need, however, to use the other two buttons. The button located next to the menu button allows you to make an audio call. Just tap on it and it will start an audio call.
  • The other icon, located next to the audio call button, is the button for making video calls. You can click on that icon and a video call will get started immediately.

how to whatsapp call

Clicking on this button allows you, however, to make a video call to the person you are in a conversation with

  • During an audio, you will see three buttons placed at the bottom: audio (enabling loud voice), messaging (allows you to send messages), and microphone (allows you to disable your microphone). You can end a call by clicking on the large red “End Call” button.

how to make video calls on whatsapp

This way looks the call screen, and the three buttons at the bottom allow you to configure your call

  • You can also view a history of calls in WhatsApp. For that, you should access the page with your chats again and, instead of “Chats,” you should tap on the “Calls” section at the top. This way, you can make calls on WhatsApp.

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