How to Make WhatsApp Custom Notifications

WhatsApp can boast to have a variety of features that the users of this messenger, indeed, like. If you have a person to whom you often talk on WhatsApp and you wish to recognize his/her messages from the messages from others, you may be pondering about how to make WhatsApp custom notifications. Fortunately, this messenger offers such a feature to its users, and our article will guide you through the process of setting up custom notifications for specific users. Enjoy!


How to Make WhatsApp Custom Notifications

You can make WhatsApp custom notifications, i.e. the notifications that are tailored according to the user who sends messages

  • You can start the procedure by finding the icon of WhatsApp on the homescreen of your phone. Then, just tap on it and run the application.

how to make custom notifications on whatsapp

Select a chat with a user, for whom you want to apply WhatsApp custom notifications

  • After you have accessed the WhatsApp page with conversations, you should enter a conversation with a user whose notifications you want to stand out. For that, just tap on that conversation.

how to create whatsapp custom notifications

Click on the name of the user in order to start setting up WhatsApp custom notifications

  • Once you have got to see that conversation, you should tap on the name of that user at the top of the page.

how to make custom notifications on whatsapp

If you want to make WhatsApp custom notifications for a user, you need to click here

  • Right below the profile photo of that user, there will be “Mute notifications” and “custom notifications” options. You should tap on the latter option.

how to adjust whatsapp custom notifications

Check this box in order to make WhatsApp custom notifications for the users you have chosen

  • On the following page, you should check the box next to “Use custom notifications.”

how to adjust custom notifications on whatsapp

Now, you can set up WhatsApp customer notifications, and we suggest you to start with the ringtone

  • Now, you can configure custom notifications for that user. There are message and call notifications you can configure.

how to configure whatsapp custom notifications

Once you have selected a suitable sound, you need to click on the “Apply” button

  • Let’s begin with message notifications. Tap on “notification tone.” Apply a different sound by selecting one of the available sounds or importing a sound from your phone. After that, tap on the “Apply” and “OK” buttons.

how to configure custom notifications on whatsapp

After you click on the “OK” button, the new notification sound will be applied to the notifications from this user

  • Then, you can enable vibrations and popup notifications for that user – you need just to tap on those settings and, after that, select the options you want.

how to manage whatsapp custom notifications

You can also change the light of the notifications about the messages sent by this user

  • After it, tap on the “Light.” At this point, you can make the light of notifications to be different.

how to manage custom notifications on whatsapp

Here you can see a complete list of the colors you can apply to the notifications

  • Following it, you can move further and configure call notifications. There, you can configure a ringtone and vibration in a pretty similar way you did for the messages.

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