How to Mute Notifications of Specific Users on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has provided all of its users with quite a rich functionality, which allows them to manage their accounts quite comfortably. One of the useful features you shouldn’t miss is the feature of muting notifications of a particular user, and this step-by-step guide will show you how to mute notifications of specific users on WhatsApp.


You may ask why do you need such a feature? Well, there may be a situation that you are present in an important meeting while there is a person who is constantly spamming messages to you. Or, perhaps, you want just to be alone for some time while the same person keeps spamming. In such a case, there is no need to block such a person, but, instead, you can just to mute him or her. This will be a much better solution, and you can do it easily by following these guidelines.

How to Mute Notifications of Specific Users on WhatsApp

The first thing you have to do is to click on this button in order to launch the messenger’s app

  • The first thing you should do before muting someone’s notifications is finding the icon of the WhatsApp application on your smartphone. After you have done, tap on it and launch the app.

how to mute notifications of specific whatsapp users

After that, you need to open a chat with a user whom you want to mute for a certain period of time

  • You have just got to see the conversations and chats of yours in WhatsApp. Now, you need to select a conversation with the person who is annoying you. That can be done simply by tapping on that conversation.

how to mute user notifications on whatsapp

In order to mute notifications of specific users on WhatsApp, you need to click on the names of such users

  • Once you have accessed that conversation, you will have to tap on the name of that person, placed at the top of the conversation page.

how to mute whatsapp user notifications

You can mute notifications of specific users on WhatsApp simply by accessing their profile pages this way and tapping near “Mute notifications”

  • Right below the profile photo of that person, there will be the “Mute notifications” button – you need to tap on that button.

how to remove notifications on whatsapp

This popup window shows the time for how long the user will be muted by you, and you are able to choose any option

  • You will get to see a pop-up window. There, you will have to specify for how long you want to mute notifications: 8 hours, 1 week, or 1 year. At the end, you should tap on the “OK” text button.

what to do with whatsapp notifications

Eventually, you will notice that you have muted the users and even will see the time until which he/she will be muted

  • Then, you will notice that you have just muted that person. Right below that line, you will notice also the time when the mute of the notifications will be stopped. This way, you can mute on WhatsApp anyone you want.

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