How to Use WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp has a lot of interesting features, but the feature of WhatsApp status is not something unique. WhatsApp status allows you to post a photo which may be seen by your friends within 24 hours – once that period of time after the posting passes, the photo disappears. Actually, this feature somewhat reminds the stories … Read more

How to Enable WhatsApp 2-Step Verification

If you want your WhatApp account to be secure enough, you may consider to enable WhatsApp 2-step verification. That means that you will create a PIN code that will be asked not only when you sign in to your account from another device, but when you even use the account on your phone and stay … Read more

How to Change WhatsApp Mobile Number

As it was previously mentioned, your WhatsApp account is linked to your mobile number. But what if you have to change it? Or, even more, what if you lost your mobile number? This step-by-step guide will disclose how to change WhatsApp mobile number in detail and with images. Thus, you need just to follow the … Read more

How to Change Name on WhatsApp

If you have already signed up for WhatsApp and are using this service for a certain period of time, you might have a wish to change a name that you have specified while getting registered on that service. Considering that your name is displayed by default to all the contacts, that may be a good … Read more

How to Add Profile Photo on WhatsApp

If you have just got started on WhatApp or simply planning to do so (read how to do it in this guide), you may have a wish to add or change a profile photo of your WhatsApp account. This entire procedure will not consume more than a couple of minutes of your time, while this … Read more