How to Make WhatsApp Custom Notifications

WhatsApp can boast to have a variety of features that the users of this messenger, indeed, like. If you have a person to whom you often talk on WhatsApp and you wish to recognize his/her messages from the messages from others, you may be pondering about how to make WhatsApp custom notifications. Fortunately, this messenger … Read more

How to Back Up WhatsApp Chats

Considering that more than a billion of users tend to use the messenger of WhatsApp, it is very likely that many users utilize it not only for usual communication with friends, but also for communicating with colleagues, business partners, employees. This means that there may always be stored important information in the chats, which it … Read more

How to Configure Important Details on WhatsApp

There are some things many users consider insignificant for configuring on WhatsApp, yet they can also be quite important for other users. This step-by-step guide will show how to configure important details on WhatsApp. For example, you will be able to make the text size of the messages larger or smaller. Besides, you will also … Read more

How to Create WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp (in a way Telegram does) offers its users an ability to create groups. Groups are a place where the users of messengers where communicate between each other in groups, not one by one. Besides, everyone who is present in group is entitled to send messages – this is different from broadcasting on WhatsApp, whereas … Read more